Thank You Senator Booth

   Last year after the GOP primary was over and Joe Booth had won, it was announced that he had been selected for a position with Sussex Tech School District. Since he was unopposed by a Democrat, the primary was the election and he was the new senator for the 19th district. Full disclosure. This is my district and Senator Booth is my Senator.

  There was a lot of concern about the clear conflict of interest that Senator Booth’s new job with Sussex Tech would create. Concerns that I had a chance to voice directly with Mr. Booth. He assured me that if any votes were to come up concerning Sussex Tech, that he would recuse himself.

  Well friends that is just what has happened. There is currently a Senate Bill 5 making its way through the senate. This bill is intended to create one consolidated school district for the current five separate vo-tech districts within the state of Delaware. We can only assume that Sen. Booth will have to recuse himself from any votes concerning this bill.

  Well thank you sen. Booth for leaving the voters of the 19th District without any representation on an issue that will have huge effects on them.

   If consolidation is passed, there is the very real chance that taxes will need to be raised, due to teachers demanding equal wages throughout the new district.

  But it will not end at SB5. If this bill is passed, every vote concerning the new consolidated district , be it about wages, hiring of administration, purchasing or whatever, Sen. Booth, my senator and maybe yours also, will have to recuse himself. Leaving the voters of the 19th district with absolutely no say in how our taxes are spent on this new district.

  I am clearly against consolidation of school districts. I am also clearly against having no say in the debate.

   So once again, thank you Sen. Joe Booth.


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