Trump Card

    I Know that a lot of people have gotten excited at the prospect of Donald Trump running for president against Pres. Obama in 2012.

   Why not? I mean if you are a conservative, you have to be out of your mind due to the things that pres. Obama has been doing. Add to this the fact that Mr. Trump is saying all of the right things to excite the GOP base and also the fringe elements and you can see why people are excited.

   First let me say that I agree that many of the things that Mr. trump is saying, are exactly the things that need to be said. But more importantly they need to be instituted. But are the conservatives just being played here?

  Let’s face it, Mr. Trump is one hell of a businessman. He has been successful at almost everything he has attempted. Let us not forget however, the thing he does best is self promotion.

  That is why I am still not convinced that he will actually run, or if he should. While he may be saying the right things to gain attention, I am not sure he would be good for the GOP in the long run.

  My level of concern about his commitment went up last Friday when he appeared on the Rush Limbaugh show. During the interview Mr. Trump stated that he would be announcing on the finale of his television show, a date that he would be announcing whether or not he would be running.

 As you can see he is stringing this out for all it is worth and incorporating his TV show into it. Makes for good showmanship, not sure it makes a good candidate.

  At a time when the GOP has made real inroads in taking back control of the political field of battle, can we afford to wager on a person who is little more than a carnie?

 It’s not that I don’t agree with Mr. Trump on the issues, it’s not that I don’t think these issues need to be brought out, I do. And if he causes the discussion to be held, that is not a bad thing. But if he is only doing this for his own gain and self promotion then the question becomes how far will he take this? Will only go as far as announcing that he won’t run a primary? Or will he run in the primary. This could be more trouble for the GOP then it is worth.

  If he runs a primary, does anyone think he can win? Maybe. But I have this itch at the back of my neck that tells me that he isn’t serious. That he won’t even run a primary and waste all of that money. I think he will come out shortly after the end of the season for his TV show and announce that he can’t devote the time needed to run the campaign because too many people depend on him in his private endeavors.

 Only time will tell.


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