Disapointed In The Sussex County Council

   There have been times in the past when I have been very happy with the Sussex county Council. I have written on this blog several times, complimenting them for actions that I felt were in line with my views and conservatism.

   Sussex County has consistently met its budget, and has done so without raising taxes. Though they have raised fees from time to time. For the most part Sussex is, in my view the most conservative county in the state. I believe that the council’s leadership has a lot to do with this.

  Unfortunately from time to time the council, like most government  entities fall prey to the seduction of federal funding. The Sussex County Council has done just that in my opinion.

   On Tuesday April 12, 2011 the Council broke ground on its new solar field next to the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center in Georgetown.

   We are told that the county can hope to save up to $15,000 a year on its electric bills. That sounds great, doesn’t it? But when we start to look a little deeper, I feel there is reason for concern.

    What concerns me is that the project is being funded with a $648,000 federal grant made possible by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 . So that means that the Sussex County council is accepting federal dollars to build this solar farm.

  We are told that this solar field could produce enough electricity into the grid to enable the county to sell renewable energy certificates back to the power companies. Again, sounds great, right? Oh! By the way the power companies are required to buy the credits to meet state regulations.

  Flexera Inc. of Harbeson, Del. is the contractor who has the contract to build the field. Good for them at least.

  Okay so what is my problem with this? Well there are four Republicans on the county council, two of them could be described as “fire and brimstone conservatives”. How can anyone who self describes themself as a conservative of any kind, be willing to buy into the Obama stimulus scam?

  The first step in getting the federal government out of the business of running our lives, has to be, in getting state and local governments to stop accepting this type of bribe money. If the council felt that this project was worthy, then take it to the people of Sussex County and fund it out of county revenue. I am pretty sure that people in North Dakota, no more want to fund this solar field, than I want to fund some bridge in Alaska. That federal money has to come from somewhere. It is either taxes from across the country, or more likely in our current state of debt and deficit, it is coming from China.

  So we have four Republicans on council, four people, if asked, who would most likely consider themselves at least moderately conservative. And what do they do? They add to the national debt. And Why? Well I have to believe this is most likely a case of, “well someone is going to get the money, so why not us?”

  Is that how we are running county government now? I certainly hope not.

  One more thing to point out here. The idea that one government entity, the state, can pass regulations that force a private company to purchase credits from another government entity, the county, and in so doing force the power companies to subsidize not only the building of the solar field but also the cost of the county’s power bills.

 I don’t know about the rest of you, but none of this  sounds anything like conservatism to me.

  Okay, I know that this will bring money into the state, but don’t forget that it had to leave the state first.. I know that it will create a few jobs for about three months since it is slated to be finished in July.  But when our elected Republicans participate in this, when they accept this socialist bribe money, then they are participating in the move of this nation to the left.

  We cannot afford for our party to condemn this type of spending on the campaign trail, and then once in office engage in the very thing we condemned. We must stand on principles and values, or else we have neither.


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  1. Dan Kramer Says:

    Frank, what do expect from the King’s? I agree they should not used the money just because we can. That is our tax dollars, being wasted!!!

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