Wait, Settle, Trust

    Wait, settle, trust. This seems to have become the GOP leadership’s mantra.

    No matter the situation, no matter the issue, no matter the question. The GOP mantra is wait, settle, trust.

     If we ask for more conservative candidates, they tell us to wait until the next election.  They tell us to settle for the moderate candidate. And they tell us to trust that they have our best interest in mind.

    If we demand  them to support more conservative issues. They tell us to wait until they are in the majority. They tell us to settle for some meaningless compromise. And they tell us to trust them to keep working for more.

  The recent budget debate is a perfect example. The GOP leadership made us believe that they would stick to their guns and shut the government down if they didn’t get their demands. Demands I might add that they continued to lower as time went by. And in the end they came out with a so-called agreement that many have found to be little more than window dressing.

  Now of course the party loyal will tell us that we should be oh! so grateful that the leadership worked this miracle. And of course they tell us to just wait until next time, then they will really take the Democrats to task. They tell us to settle for this small token compromise. And we are expected to trust them to bring down the trillions of dollar of debt, 38.5 billion at a time.

  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am tired of waiting, I’m tired of settling, and I will trust only in the deeds, not the words.

   These leaders need to remember that they are only as conservative as their last vote. They are only as effective as the deal they broker. They are only wanted as representatives of the people, if they represent the people.

  Instead of wait, settle, trust. The GOP mantra must be now, determined, accountability.


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