These People Make Me Laugh!

    If the issues facing our state were not so serious, the contortions that the elected elite twist themselves into, would be funny.

   Sometimes we have to ask ourselves. Is there really any guiding ideology within either of the parties?

   Many times it seems as if our elected officials are simply casting about for the next banner issue to wave.  Here in Delaware this truly seems to be the way of the world. In the past I have labeled this, “headline legislating”.

   It seems as if the right hand has absolutely no idea what the left hand is doing.

  Let me give you one of the latest examples. I heard today that Gov. Markell and A.G. Biden have instituted a program aimed at educating people to the dangers of prescription drugs. The program also sets up collection sites to collect un-used prescription drugs.

  In the news report I heard, the Governor and the A.G. point out the crime that is a result of people breaking into homes to steal prescription drugs. They point out that many times children and grandchildren are stealing their parent’s and grandparent’s prescription drugs. Either to use or to sell.

  Of course these are serious concerns. Concerns that even I share with the Governor and the A.G.

   I do however find it ironic that they would unveil this program aimed at illuminating the dangers of prescription drugs at a time when the General Assembly is debating legalizing marijuana. In essence, creating a new prescription drug. One that already has a history of being abused as an illegal drug.

 Is it so hard to believe that there will be children and grandchildren getting into grappa’s stash of cancer treating pot? Do we really think that we won’t see people breaking into the homes of people who have gotten their month’s worth of six ounces of pot?

  Either this is an example of how completely rudderless our government has become, or it demonstrates that our elected officials are fools.


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