Chicago Parents Are Killing Their Kids Government Steps To Save Them

    That’s right. It has been determined that parents in one Chicago school district were slowly killing their children. How you may ask? Well with food of course.

   Officials at Chicago’s Little Village Academy public school has decided that parents can’t be trusted to serve their own children lunch anymore. The school has banned any food other than cafeteria food. This means that children can no longer bring food from home.

  This is a direct result from the growing national debate of who should decide what we eat. Now it has been taken to another level, with government officials stepping in and taking over the dietary decisions that you make about your own children. I have predicted this event in the past when discussing national healthcare.

  If the government is going to be the supplier of your healthcare then they will have the ability to tell you what you can and can’t eat. If government feels that it can take this kind of action within the public school system, a system that many are trapped in due to the lack of choice, how long before the government will feel emboldened to take this action within your very home?

 How long before the social worker shows up at your door to inspect your refrigerator? Could you be determined to be a bad parent for having ice cream and cake in the house? Maybe you children should be taken away if there are no vegetables in your home.

  Now I know, the government is always right crowd, will now come out and tell us that , it’s for the sake of the children. I call bull! This is the tactic of the left as always. They start at the youngest level so as to be able to say it is for those who can’t make the right choices for themselves. Then the liberals decide that older children are also at risk. Pretty soon they are passing anti trans fat laws at restaurants.

  If Obama care, or any version of a national healthcare program is ever instituted, you can bet that adults will be under the thumb of some government official, who may walk past you on the street, and knock that salty soft pretzel right out of your hand.

  Of course we can’t totally discount the possibility that this is strictly a revenue issue. I mean by banning all food from outside the cafeteria they have created more demand for cafeteria  food. Either way this is an over reaching and dangerous step.

  Sometimes Liberty is lost all at once, in some violent takeover of a nation. In many more cases, Liberty is lost a little at a time. This is what  is happening here in this nation. We ar allowing the government to come into our lives more and more. All in the name of health and safety. Usually in the guise of caring for the children, the elderly, and those least able to defend themselves. But when Liberty is lost, it is lost for all.

  One wonders what Pres. Obama will think of this as he sends out for a double cheeseburger from his favorite D.C. burger joint?


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