GOP Throws Social Issue Overboard Once Again

   We heard a lot about the defunding of Planned Parenthood during the run up to the government shut down that never was.

   The GOP leadership seemed to make it an important point of contention in the negotiations.

   We were told that defunding Planned Parenthood was a fiscal issue. But to many of us it is a social issue. Either way we were happy that the GOP leadership was at least addressing the issue.

   Guess what folks? In my opinion the GOP leadership never had any intention to defund Planned Parenthood. It was little more than a throw away bargaining chip. They used it to fire up their base to get out and call and write their congressman.

  It was theatre for the masses. It was a way to swing public opinion in their favor.

   And it was the one thing they were willing to give up. And for what? They gave up repealing the funding for a private organization, that shouldn’t be funded for that reason alone. And what did they get in exchange? Pittance!!

  So where are all of my good fiscal conservative friends out there? Why are you not outraged? We are continuing to fund a private organization with tax dollars.

  As for those like myself that have great concern about the social aspect of this issue. Well once again we have been used as pawns. We were set out in front and then sacrificed.


5 Responses to “GOP Throws Social Issue Overboard Once Again”

  1. Tony Sidaway Says:

    They didn’t only throw the defunding of Planned Parenthood under the bus. Health care reform continues, as does the EPA, both of which had supposedly been sticking points. They’ll get votes in the Senate, for what that’s worth.

    The Beltway media seem to be unanimous that the Republicans won this one, but I don’t think they got much at all. By avoiding a shutdown, the Democrats defanged the Republicans. Again.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Not to mention that the GOP held up the fact that they have forced a vote on the Senate floor to defund Obama care. This shows them for the clowns that they are. Obama care should automatically be defunded, due to the fact that it was found unconstitutional in a court of law. Why are the Republicans debating it?

  3. Tony Sidaway Says:

    Automatically defunded? How does that work? If a District Court judge says “X is unconstitutional”, Congress is forbidden to provide funds until the Justice Department can get an appeal court to overrule that? That sounds like a recipe for chaos.

  4. frankknotts Says:

    Chaos? What do you call allowing money and resources to be spent and put into place for a program that may not be allowed to stand? What happens to that money? How do we get it back? Once the machinery is set into motion, can it be stopped. This is what the Obama administration is hoping for. To plant as many seeds as possible. Not to mention if they can start giving out benefits, then they can stir public outrage if the benefits are taken away. And since the GOP seems to be populated with cream puffs, they are not likely to fight to hard themselves.

  5. Tony Sidaway Says:

    What’s so wrong with giving out benefits? If in doing so the cost of health care is reduced, everybody wins.

    At any one time there are many challenges to laws in the courts. When a court rules on such an issue it has the option of issuing an injunction to stop the law in its tracks. Where the court issues no injunction the normal procedure irrespective of the President and the parties that controllled Congress when it passed the law is to keep executing the law faithfully (as they’re sworn to do).

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