What Do We Need ?

    Well now that Pres. Obama has officially announced that he will be seeking re-election, I know shocking news, we on the right need to take stock of just what it is we need in a candidate.

    First let me say that it is a pretty good bet that Pres. Obama will be the democrat nominee in 2012. Of course the rumor mill keeps putting it out there, that Sec. Clinton might decide to primary the president. Maybe. But if she were seriously considering a run at Pres. Obama, then she should have cut her ties to him before Libya. Now she is directly tied to that mess.

   So we on the right can assume that our opponent will be Mr. Obama. Usually an incumbent president is a tough opponent. However, Mr. Obama’s approval ratings have been taking a dive. The unemployment numbers are not exactly helping. The cost of energy is troubling for the average citizen. Housing is stagnant at best. The stock market seems to be just floating with no real direction, due to lack of confidence in our leadership.

  That being said, defeating Pres. Obama is not a given. He is still a talented orator.  He also has the benefit of being the president. This means that anytime he says anything, it most likely will get covered by the news media.

   So what should we on the right be looking for in our candidates and nominee?

    Far too often, many people believe, that when seeking a presidential candidate. That we must find someone who is an expert in all fields. Someone who has experience in handling all issues that might arise during their term. Some voters think that a president must have actual working experience in these fields, that they should have already dealt with these issues in their former lives. 

   Can we really expect one person to have been in the armed forces, to have been the head of a corporation, have been a doctor, have been a banker, a stock broker, a minister, a farmer, a millionaire, a person who has lived below the poverty level, a biologist, an energy expert, or who knows what?

  Of course not. But then there is another school of thought. This group will tell you that we must look for a candidate that is an expert in the field of our nations current crisis. An example would be, currently we are in an economic crisis. This group would have you believe that our candidate must be someone who has run a company, someone who knows how hard it is to stay afloat in this economy. And someone who then has insight into how best to turn the economy around.

  But wait, we are also involved in two ongoing wars, and some sort of something in Libya. I guess we should look for someone with a military background. Someone who understands the sacrifice our troops are making.

  But wait, our nation is also struggling with social issues, such as abortion and homosexual marriage. Maybe we need a person with a spiritual background.

   But wait, our nation is dealing with an illegal immigration issue. Millions of illegal immigrants are coming to this country every year. Do we need a candidate that can speak spanish?

   Seems like we are back to trying to find that candidate that doesn’t exist. The one who is expert extraordinaire !

  So what should we be looking for in a candidate ?

  Leadership, of course.

   We need a candidate that has the ability to inspire. A person who believes that this is the greatest nation in the world, and who can express that feeling in a way that will move ordinary citizens to feel that way also. We need a candidate that has organizational skills. A person who can put together a team of experts with backgrounds in all of those fields that we feel are so important. We need a leader that has the strength to be able to listen to these experts, take their advice, and then make common sence decisions. A leader that after making the decision, understands that the responsibility is theirs.

  We need a leader that has strong convictions and values and principles. A leader that also has the courage of those convictions. A person who will not be swayed by daily polling and the attacks of the left-wing media. A person who cares little what the media thinks, that is more concerned about the
impact their decisions will have on the nation and its citizens.

  We need a leader that believes in the traditions and founding principles of this nation. A leader that understands that it is the individual successes of the citizens that guarantees the success of the nation. That it is our individual Liberty that has made this the freest nation in history.

  We need a leader with the personal integrity to look past the special interest that would run this nation. A leader that can stand alone if need be, to defend what is right, because it is right. But someone who can bring the country together in a time of need.

   We need a leader who believes that the United States of America is the answer to the worlds problems. We certainly don’t need a leader who feels the United States of America, is the world’s problem.

  We need a leader with common sense. Who will apply common sense solutions to our troubles. It is unreasonable to expect our leaders to be experts on all topics and issues. What we can expect and must demand is that our leaders be honest. That they be trustworthy. That they have the best interest of the nation and the citizens at heart.

  Now of course many have already made up their minds as to who our candidate should be for president. They will tell you that their candidate is perfectly suited to deal with our current problems. They will tell you that because this candidate or that candidate has done this or that in their past, we must support them. Then of course the number crunchers will raise their heads out of the dark and tell us that only one candidate can win based on past election results. Don’t you believe them.

  2012 is going to be one hell of a ride. The conservative movement is fired up. We want to unseat Pres. Obama, because we see him as the most liberal president in history. We see his policies as being designed to tear apart the traditions and founding values of this nation. The conservative movement can take back control, of the direction of this nation. We can do it by making the election about Pres. Obama and his socialist agenda. But to do it we need a leader that can inspire all of the different factions of the conservative movement. Someone who will speak to those who are concerned about the economy. Who will speak to those concerned about the direction society is headed. Who will speak for those who feel that the nation has lost its Constitutional way.

  We need a leader who understands that to get caught down in the weeds of specifics, is to allow the opposition to set the agenda. We need a leader who will have a broader vision. A vision of where we should be heading. Because you can’t decide on how you are going to get somewhere, until you know where it is you want to go.


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