End The Suffering At Any Cost

    Here in Delaware, as SB17 makes its way through the General Assembly. And yes it passed the Senate. We have been hearing many of its supporters talk about the need for medical marijuana, to end the suffering of those undergoing cancer treatment.

    These supporters seem to feel that the ends justify the means. They feel that we must end the suffering at any cost. The supporters of SB17 are willing to risk this being just the first step towards total legalization of marijuana. Some even seem to be okay with total legalization.

   I have made my arguments against SB17. Search this blog for other articles on this topic if you have missed them.

  I have come to the conclusion that many of the supporters of SB17 are caring people with the best of intentions. Of course there are also some people who are politically motivated and some who wish only to get high.

   But I have to say that most of the supporters of SB17 are short-sighted. They are too narrowly focussed on medical marijuana. Why not broaden this idea of making things legal to end the suffering of others? Why is it that we are only concerned with the suffering of cancer patients and those that marijuana is purported to have the ability to help?

   Why are we not as concerned with the suffering, of the thousands of people across this nation who are sick and dying while waiting for an organ transplant?

  There are over eighty thousand people on waiting list for a kidney alone. Thousands die every year while waiting. This doesn’t even begin to take into account the thousands more waiting for hearts and livers. Think of the people going blind waiting for corneas.

  So why are we only talking about legalizing marijuana to ease the suffering of  this narrow number of people?

  If we can legalize marijuana, and justify it by saying we are doing it to end the suffering, no matter the cost to the society as a whole, then can’t we justify legalizing the selling of human organs to end the suffering of those waiting on list across the nation?

  I mean after all, who would be hurt if some college student hard up for cash to pay off their student loan wanted to sell a kidney. After all it would end the suffering of some person on dialysis. Or a slice of their liver. I mean really, if they choose to sell their left cornea, what business is it of ours.  Right?

  Think about it. There are already people traveling to foreign countries to do this on a black market. So why not just make it legal here. I mean if they’re going to do it anyway.

    I can see it now. The state could regulate it. Of course you could only have the surgery at state sanctioned transplant compassion hospitals. And just think of the boon to our economy. Think of the amount of money that would find its way into the state coffers. There would even be the chance that the money would be spent at the casinos, or to buy medical marijuana.

   But would there even be enough people willing to sell their organs to meet the demand for new organs? Of course that wouldn’t be a problem for a society willing to legalize anything for the sake of ending the suffering at any cost.

   We could just pass legislation to allow cloning for the purpose of organ farming. Now we’re talking. WOW! Just think of the potential tax revenue from an industry such as that.  We could potentially see human agriculture become the largest industry in the nation.

  We could pass more laws that would allow women to sell their live birth abortions to medical compassion centers. These live births could be kept and raised to the point of being useful for harvesting organs. All in the name of ending the suffering at any cost.

 Of course those who favor SB17 will say that this is all too bizarre. But when we determine that we can justify condoning  the cost to society, against the benefit of medical marijuana. Then why stop there? Do we not care about the child waiting for a heart? Do we not care about the artist going blind?

  Of course we care, but we understand the decaying effect that legalizing the selling of human organs would have on the value of human life. And then of course the sale of human organs doesn’t have the added benefit of getting people high. It doesn’t have the political weight of all the people who wish to move towards the day that they can sit in a bar and smoke a joint the same as their fathers sat and drank. This is the real weight behind the push for SB17.

   So for all of those compassionate souls out there that have gotten caught up in this. Ask yourselves. Would you also be in favor of the legalizing of the sale of human organs? Even though it would carry with it the stigma of cannibalism?

  After all, don’t we want to end the suffering at any cost?


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