Code Hypocrites

  Back when President Bush announced that the United States would be going to war with Iraq, he did it from the Oval Office. When Pres. Obama announced that we would be going to war with Libya, he did it from a foreign country.

  During and following the war in Iraq, Pres. Bush was attacked and condemned as a war criminal by the radicalized far left. One of the loudest anti-Bush groups was Code Pink: Women For Peace.

   This group led marches in the Capital calling for the President to be impeached. They protested outside the private residences of the Bush administration  carrying coffins. They disrupted congressional hearings by sneaking in and then shouting at the committees. They even went as far as trying to smear red paint on Secretary of State Rice.

  At the time Code Pink announced that they were against all wars. That they believed that all conflict should be ended through peaceful means. That is an honorable goal, if a bit unrealistic.

   But where is Code Pink today? Where are their protest of Pres. Obama, now that he has taken the United States to war with Libya? Have they attempted to interrupt any congressional hearing? Not that I have heard about. Have they been seen outside V.P. Biden’s residence? Again, if so, it has not been reported. Has any Code Pink activist been recorded attempting to smear red paint on Secretary of State Clinton? You would think that if they had, it would have been big news.

  They have been seen outside the Libyan Embassy protesting Libya’s conduct against its own people. 

   Co-founder and spokes person Medea Benjamin did appear on Fox Business and again stated that Code Pink was protesting the conduct of Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi. And went as far, as to say, that countries should stop selling dictators weapons. But no condemnation of Pres. Obama, no call for impeachment, no accusations of him being a war criminal for killing innocent civilians with U.S. air strikes.

  Ms. Benjamin also wrote a short article that can be found on Code Pink’s website about the conflict in Libya. In it she again calls on nations to stop selling arms to dictators. In it she mentions Pres. Obama only once. And did not make any accusations of war crimes that would lead to Pres. Obama being impeached.

  We can argue whether we should be in this conflict or not. But my point here is the hypocrisy of the radicalized left.

  These groups, like Code Pink, are not anti-war so much as they are anti Republican and anti conservative. I won’t go so far as to say that they are anti-American, but they certainly seem to be anti traditional America.

  They will march on Washington to protest war of any kind, when the President is a Republican. Yet are notably silent when the President is a Democrat. Just as many of us in this country knew, Code Pink and other groups like them are nothing more than lap dogs for the DNC. They are the shock troops, the street thugs, using Brownshirt tactics.

  Pres. Bush was harshly condemned for not rushing out of a class room of children on 9/11 when he was told about the attacks. He was again castigated for not rushing back to D.C., into the middle of a war zone .

  Where is the condemnation of Pres. Obama, who announced a war with Libya while jetting around South America on the tax payers dime, on his latest continuous vacation? And he has yet to speak directly to the American people to explain our goals in Libya. What is his definition of success? What will be our exit strategy? How long will we be there? These are all things that Pres. Bush defined before we went into Iraq. 

  So where are the hypocrites on the left? The Code Pinks and the Obama loving leftist media? No where to be found at this time.


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