Why Can’t, The GOP Run On Social Issues?

  I know, I know , here he goes again. Right? I know that it seems as if all I write about anymore is the impact and effect that so-called  social issues are having on our society and the GOP.

  It seems that every time I bring up the topic of social issues, there are of course the usual suspects, from the GOP, that will scream that the GOP cannot run on the social issues. Really? Why not?

  Let’s look at my home state of Delaware. There is a certain segment within the Delaware GOP that will tell you that in Delaware, social issues are taboo. That to even speak of them, is the death of any candidate. That the people of Delaware don’t care about abortion, and homosexual legislation, and any number of other societal issues.

  My argument to these members of the GOP would be, then how come the Democrats can run on and legislate on social issues?

   We currently have here in Delaware, bills that are either in effect, working their way through the legislative process, or being proposed. That have instated a needle exchanged program. That would expand gambling. That would legalize medical marijuana. We have seen a bill passed to protect homosexuals against discrimination. We are seeing a move to repeal the defence of marriage act by our new U.S. Senator. All of this  has been championed by the Democrats.

  So it would seem that the Democrats have no problem running on and then delivering on campaign promises about social issues.

  So why is it that the GOP fails to see the importance of facing these issues? Is it that they feel that the Democrats are right on these issues? Or is it that they are frightened to stand up for what the know is right? Is it merely political calculations?

  What we need in the GOP is the courage to stand against the liberal media that distorts the facts, when it comes to where the majority of  people stand on these issues. We need candidates that will argue in favor of what is right, instead of trying to appease the liberals in hope of currying favor with the radicalized left. Never going to happen.

  If we look at the needle exchange program in Wilmington, what are we seeing? We are seeing the state using tax dollars to give needles to junkies.

  On the issue of medical marijuana. We need only look to California to see where that will lead. It is merely a cover to pass legislation to legalize marijuana. It is the government looking to increase revenue, by taxing a substance that is currently illegal. This would only lead to more people using drugs. It has the potential to lead to people using harder drugs.

  When we talk about the expansion of gambling here in Delaware, the Democrats will tell you that it is to increase revenue. They will tell you that the expansion will have no negative effects on society as a whole. Some will even point to New Jersey and a report that gambling revenue is up in that state. But this ignores the fact, that though revenue may be up, so is the crime rates in Atlantic City. Both property crime and violent crime rates in Atlantic City are above the state average.   http://www.idcide.com/citydata/nj/atlantic-city.htm

  Now let us look at the homosexual anti discrimination bill that Delaware passed. Some like myself feel that this was just a step towards passing a homosexual marriage bill. It also has the potential to be used against churches that refuse to marry homosexuals. Even though the current legislation protects churches, it could be one court challenge, in front of a liberal judge, away from being changed. The argument that the legislation was intended to protect homosexuals in the work place is false. We already have the fourteenth amendment.

  So it would seem that the Democrats here in Delaware have no problem talking about, running on, or actually legislating  on social issues. They openly support abortion. They pander to illegal immigrants and encourage drug use.

   I am calling on the Delaware GOP to either step up to the plate on social issues, or risk becoming completely irrelevant. We as members of the GOP must ask ourselves, do we believe that the Democrats are correct on these issues? Or are we willing to just stand by while we allow the Democrats to do what we know is wrong?

  Do we believe that a needle exchange program is the best use of our tax dollars, while showing little if any benefit?

  Do we believe that increasing the number of people using marijuana, for the sake of tax revenue is the proper role of government?

  Do we believe that expanding gambling and all that goes with it, in the way of peripheral crimes, is actually a benefit to the greater society?

  Do we believe that passing legislation for no better reason then to pander to the homosexual community, even though the Constitution already provides the same protection, is the best use of our legislative time?

  Or has the Delaware GOP become nothing more than cowards and heeled dogs. Do we merely cower and accept what is left for us by the Democrats? Have we for so long played the game of trying to be democrat-lite, that we no longer know how to be Republicans? Are we willing to compromise our principles and values? Will we shy away from the fight because it seems too hard? Will we take only the short view on issues? Have we told our rank and file voters that we care only about the election in front of us right now? And that we care nothing about the future.

  The GOP cannot survive for long if this is the tact that its leadership is willing to take. If we refuse to stand up for that which we know to be right, then we will fail not only to win elections, but we will fail ourselves and our children’s future. For what will we leave for the children? We will leave a future where drug use has become rampant. A future where crime is acceptable as long as the government is receiving its share of the take. We will leave a future that sees the total erosion of all of our traditions. A future that holds little hope of individual success, and only enslavement to the government.

 There are no issues that are only fiscal issues, there are no issues that are only social issues. There are only issues that affect our lives and those of our children. The GOP must look inward and decide, will we work for the future, or become a thing of the past? If we wish to work for the future then we must be willing to speak out about that which is destructive to our society as a whole, be it higher taxes or abortion. If we are willing to become a thing of the past, we need only continue to shy away from the tough issues.


4 Responses to “Why Can’t, The GOP Run On Social Issues?”

  1. Bryan Says:

    One, the needle exchange program is there to prevent the spreading of diseases. Two, it’s not the governments job to protect a person from themselves. Adults should be able to make adult decisions. Adults should be able to do drugs as long as they aren’t hurting someone else or doing it around children and homosexuals should be able to get married. There is no reason at all to prevent this besides your own bigotry. Before the 11th century, homosexuals were allowed to marry. The Christians added it at that point. If you don’t believe me, read a book and stop listening to propaganda. I love how the GOP claims they want small government then tries to govern every part of our lives. And by the way, the 14th amendment doesn’t protect a homosexual from being fired. They can still be fired just for being gay in 29 states. I work for ACLU, I have to deal with bigotry all day long.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Bryan, it is not government’s job to give out needles. Agreed. Government should not be mandating who a privately owned company can ot cannot fire. Would you force the Catholic Church to hire or keep a homosexual? Why should the owner of a small business be forced to hire someone they don’t want to?
    Goverment jobs are different.
    As for the marriage issue. I have one book for you to read, can you guess which one.
    Look my post was to point out that the GOP should not concede the social issues to the Democrats. If you work for the ACLU, I am sure you would be happy for them to do just that.
    The Democrat’s stand on these issues do not represent the majority of Americans. They have just been better at pushing their agenda. Of course since the GOP has done little to piush back, I am not surprised.

  3. frankknotts Says:

    By the way Bryan, they were also stoning women in the 11th century among other horrible things. Would you recomend brining those back as well.

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