What Message Does This Send?

  The Delaware House of Representatives has just passed HB19. This is a bill sponsored by Rep. Melanie L. George (D) Dist. 5 Bear/Newark.

  The bill will amend Titles 10, 11, 16, and 21 of the Delaware Code relating to drug involved offenses.

   Basically what this bill does is, it removes the mandatory minimum sentences for drug offense. The bill’s sponsor maintains that this is intended to focus on the drug dealers, rather than the so-called casual users.

  HB19 was passed by a vote of 39 yes to 1 no vote. The lone no vote was Rep. John Atkins (D) of the 41st Dist. Mr. Atkins says and I agree, that this would send the wrong message to drug users. And due to the fact that it changes the amount of drugs, that would be considered dealing, it allows dealers to manipulate the system even more than they already do.

   I am sorely disappointed in my own Rep. Dave Wilson on this vote. I am concerned that such a large majority of our state’s Representatives would vote in favor of this.

  While it may be said that this will lower the number of people going to jail for drug possession, what does it say about our attitude about drug use?

  Here is a link to the bill.



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