Sussex GOP Committee Meeting

    Like many others in Sussex and around the state, I went to the Sussex county GOP monthly meeting last night, not knowing what to expect. Since the past several meetings have been filled with political fireworks surrounding the call for chairman Ron Sams to resign, last nights meeting ended with little more than a firecracker. But more on that in a minute.

   I arrived at around 6:30 pm for a meeting that was scheduled to begin at 7:30pm, thinking I would be early. There was already a fair-sized crowd waiting outside the locked door of the Millsboro Civic Center. With a steady flow of incoming cars. I was told that the official capacity of the room was two hundred and fifty. I would put the final number with standing attendees, at around three hundred.

   The chairman gaveled the meeting to order at around 7:35. Mr. Sams then went through the ordinary agenda items or treasurer’s report, minutes of the last meeting, old business, confirmations and nominations. The the guest speaker for the evening then spoke. This month it was Mike Protack, who has thrown his hat into the ring for state party chairman. I thought that Mr. Protack made a good case for himself.

  This was followed by a questions and answers segment. The entire meeting went off without any of the previous outburst. Well almost. One member of the audience took the opportunity during the Q&A to make the statement that she has been discriminated against in seeking to become a committee member because she chose to support the wrong candidate in the last election.

  After Mr. Protack was finished, chairman Ron Sams then addressed all of the controversy surrounding the call for him to resign. He stated that things had been said  by people he considered his friends that he felt were unfair. But that those people remained his friends and that he had no hatred in his heart. He then stated that he would step down as county party chairman in May, following the convention.

  I have to say that I agree with Mr. Sams’ reasoning for waiting until after the convention. He stated that he wanted to make sure that our Sussex County delegates were seated and were able to cast their votes at convention. In other words he felt for continuity sake it was best for him to stay on through the convention and then resign. I fully agree and feel that this is a fair compromise with those who wish for him to step aside.

  I thought that Mr. Sams handled the whole thing with class and dignity.  I did see some people who reacted to his announcement with what I would call childish behaviour, and I would say to them and everyone else who were calling for this resignation, including myself. We had all better be willing to step up.

  The only real “fireworks” were provided at the very end of the meeting by Mr. Bruce Fitzgerald. Mr. Fitzgerald you will remember was in the middle of this controversy when he was named as parliamentarian by Mr. Sams, and then resigned at the same meeting.

  It seems as if Mr. Fitzgerald had been offended by an e-mail. He attempted to read the e-mail into the record without being recognized by the chairman. He was quickly asked to leave by the sergeant of arms. He was clearly agitated and shouting. But because of the quick action of the sergeant of arms, we never did get to hear what had bothered him so about the e-mail or who had written the e-mail.

  We can only hope that moving forward from this point on, that the GOP here in Sussex County and within the state of Delaware can come together to defeat our real opponents, the liberals and the Democrats.

  I’ll close with something that may not be popular with some who were calling for Ron Sams to resign.

  Thank you Mr. Sams. For the time you gave of yourself.


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