Press Release From Sussex County Council

 The following is a press release  from the Sussex County Council President Michael Vincent.

To the People of Sussex County:


There has been a flurry of speculation recently about the role of the Sussex County sheriff and his relationship with the County Council. As president of Council, I believe it’s necessary for me to offer a response in hopes it will clear the record and lay the groundwork for an open, productive dialogue about the future of our County sheriff’s office.


Sheriff Jeffrey Christopher is scheduled to appear before Council on Tuesday, March 15, to give an update on his goals as the newly elected sheriff and his office’s recent activities. Members of Council welcome Mr. Christopher, as we look forward to an informative session.


As many of our citizens know, the sheriff in Sussex County is a Constitutional row office. The sheriff is elected by the people, and has historically worked as an officer of the courts, overseeing foreclosure proceedings, conducting tax sales and serving legal documents, among other duties. The office is part of the overall County government.


Meantime, the County Council is the elected legislative body of the county and responsible for a number of responsibilities, from providing services such as land use and paramedics to sewer service and libraries. Council also levies and collects taxes, and adopts an annual budget.


While the sheriff and Council are elected independently of each other, each must work together to put forth and approve a budget that ensures the efficient operations of the sheriff’s office.


Many in the community are looking forward to the upcoming sheriff’s report. Some, though, are looking for much more – a conflict over Constitutional powers and authority. I, for one, have no interest in seeing that happen.


It is refreshing to have an engaged and energetic citizenry here in Sussex County. I applaud that. What I would ask is that everyone take a step back for the moment and wait for the dialogue to begin before drawing any conclusions. County Council is eager to hear from our new sheriff and his plans for the office the people elected him to serve in.


Please join us to listen in on the sheriff’s report at the next meeting of County Council at 10 a.m. Tuesday, March 15, in Georgetown. We hope to see you then.




Michael Vincent, President

Sussex County Council


2 Responses to “Press Release From Sussex County Council”

  1. Dan Kramer Says:

    The Sheriff is not a Police Officer, and if the people would understand that, then they would realize that the Sheriff is above the Police. Are the Police elected by the people to enforce the law? no! The Sheriff shall be conservators of the peace within the County. What Does conservator mean? It means a Protector, Guardian, or Custodian. It makes me think that the above would make that the Sheriff is the Protector of the law and needs to guard the rights of the people, as for the Budget for the Sheriffs Office the Count Council has no excuse not to fully fund whatever the Sheriff needs to to bring it up to be the best in the Country. The County has a huge slush fund, that they can use to fund the Sheriffs Office.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Mr. Kramer I would also add that since Sheriff Christopher ran for office on this very issue and was quite open when speaking about what he saw the role of county sheriff being, it would seem to me that the people endorsed a broader role for the sheriff then has been the role in the past. This is also substantiated by the fact that the man who was defeated held the complete opposite view of the role of the sheriff.

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