An Open Letter To Sussex County GOP Chairman Ron Sams

  The following is a letter that is being circulated around to members of the GOP. The letter is from Sandi Minard to Ron Sams, current Sussex County GOP Committee Chairman. Anyone who knows or who has spoken with Sandi Minard knows that she does not throw her words around idly. She is a person who will roll up her sleeves and get the job done.

“Dear Mr. Sams,
It seems you will go to any lengths to betray this party. Attached you will find the “Facility Request Form” for the [Sussex County Association of Realtors] building. Notice that they rent in 4 hour increments and I have verified with Gail Shields that you can have the building as late as needed. Which means you lied the night of Jan 10th when you told everyone in that building that we had to be out of the building by 9:00. Also, I understand that you have told your RD’s that we are no longer welcome at DEL TECH. Well, according to Dr. Michael Owens, Director of Corporate and Community Programs at Del Tech, we are still very welcomed and actually have a contract (Debbie Davis verified) for the night of March 14th…..with a total cost for both nights Feb. 16th and March 14th of $640.55. Cost for Feb 16th in the Carter Building RM 519 being $158.00 plus a 15% admin $23.70 charge making it a total of $181.70. March 14th will be (should be) in the Theater at a cost of $332.00 plus $67.00 for a PA system and the 15% admin fee of 59.85 makes that nights expense $458.85. Again for a grand total of $640.55 for both nights. Your Mr. [Bruce] Fitzgerald is the one who informed Dr. Owens that “we had secured another place for our meeting and would not be needing a room at Del Tech”, but you informed your RD”s that we are having a problem finding a place for the March 14th meeting. You also informed your RD’s that a class at Del Tech was dismissed due to all the noise of the last meeting…..however according to Dr. Owens that is just not true. We were only asked to keep the noise down. That is it!! Just ask to keep the noise down, not ask not to come back…..matter of fact, Dr. Owens says we are more than welcome and we are still scheduled for March 14th.
I will do all in my power to make this information PUBLIC. I will spend my own money to buy a full page in the Cape Gazette. I have quotes from Dr. Owens backing me on my statements. I will print the Facility Request form from SCAORS.
Enough of this back room dealings.
I ask you again to resign TODAY!!!
Sandi Minard”

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