Multiple Choice

     Recently I posted an article about the mother in Mississippi who had been accused of killing her three-year old child by placing the child in an oven, either before or after the child’s death.

   In the article, I asked what was the difference between this mother and a mother who hires someone to kill her child legally through abortion.

    I am sure that we can all agree that the decision for a woman to have an abortion is a life altering one. Not to mention it is a life altering decision for the child as well. It is a decision not to be made lightly.

   Those on the pro-abortion side of the argument are fond of using the term pro-choice to describe their view of the issue. They say the choice must be between a woman and her doctor.

  Some people have the opinion that instead of the two extreme sides of the argument talking about whether to end abortion on demand, or not to end abortion on demand, that the discussion should be about how to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.

  They make the argument, and one with some validity, that this would of course reduce the number of abortions.

  The question then becomes. How? Personally, I feel that abstinence is the only 100% full proof way to stop unwanted pregnancies. Others are in favor of increased access to contraceptives. Be that in the form of free condoms at school or clinics handing out the pill. Of course education has to be the focal point of any attempt to reduce the numbers.

    But does this mean that we should stop working to end the holocaust that abortion has become in this nation? Should we not speak the truth about the slaughter-house mentality that surrounds the industry. The fact that abortion is now excepted as normal.

   Worse yet, is the fact that abortion has not only become a way to solve an unwanted pregnancy. It would seem that in some cases it has actually become a form of contraception.

   In a CDC report released on Nov. 27,2009 for the year 2006 the number of women who have had multiple abortions is frightening.

   In 2006 in the areas reporting, there were 633,818 legally induced abortions.  Of these,  342,964 were first time abortions. This means that almost half of the women having abortions in 2006, had previous abortions.

  In fact 158,628 women had undergone one previous abortion. 69,606 women had undergone two previous abortions. And 48,325 women had undergone three or more previous abortions. 12,664 were unknown, so we can assume some of those also had previous abortions.

  In my tiny little home state of Delaware, in the year 2006 there were 3,451 abortions.  2,048 first time. 852 women who had one previous abortion. 345 who had undergone two previous abortions and 206 unknown.

  I think there is a good chance that we all know someone or have someone in our families who has made a bad decision or who find themselves in a bad situation. It is hard to have this discussion without it seeming like I have no sympathy for the women who find themselves in this situation. Or that I am judging them.

  But at some point we must ask ourselves as a society, have we made a bad decision in allowing abortion to grow to this point. We are talking about women who have made the choice not once, but multiple times to end the life of their children. This is not a solution to an unwanted pregnancy. It is women who have not taken responsibility for their own actions. And it is their unborn children that pay the price.

  We have to understand that it is the societal acceptance of abortion that has made it so easily available. The stigma has been removed, women are told that it is their right. Family members advise women to abort their child, rather than support the mother and child. Doctors who are sworn not to harm anyone, have made a profession out of killing children.

  It is this attitude that has brought us to the point where women are not just making a choice to end the life of one child and then learning from their mistakes. They are making the multiple choices to end multiple lives.

  So yes, let us work to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. But let us also work to end the genocidal behavior that abortion has become.

  I had intended to title this post “Serial Killers”. But that seemed harsh even by my standards. But is it so far from the mark?

  Here is a link for the CDC report, so as not to be accused of making up numbers. I won’t lead you directly to the numbers I quoted. I suggest anyone who supports abortion should spend a lot of time studying this report. Then tell me what a great benefit it is to society.

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