What Is The Difference ?

   The following is a story that broke just today. I believe it comes from the A.P..  

     Jackson, MS — A Mississippi mother has been arrested in the death of her three-year-old son after authorities say they found the child’s burned body in an oven.

Washington County Coroner Methel Johnson said Wednesday that police found Tristan Robinson’s body inside the electric oven at his mother’s apartment shortly after midnight. Johnson says the child had been burned, but an autopsy was ordered to determine if he died before or after being placed in the oven.

Greenville Police Chief Freddie Cannon says 24-year-old Terrie A. Robinson has been charged with murder. The chief says she’ll be arraigned Thursday in Greenville, a city of about 35,000 residents in the Mississippi Delta.


  First let me say that the mother is presumed innocent at this time.

    But  I need one of our resident pro-abortion experts to inform us why this mother has been arrested. If we assume she  either killed her son and then placed him in the oven, or she killed him by placing him in the oven. Why has she been arrested?

  Clearly she made a choice that she no longer wanted to be a mother. How does this differ from the choice made by millions of mothers every year to end the life of their children? Doesn’t she have the Constitutional right to choose to not be a mother? Why is she held to any higher standard, than the women who have the lives of their children ended in uteri?

  If she had taken her child to a doctor, and had the doctor inject the child with something that would have put the child to sleep, would this have made it okay?

  The question we must ask in this nation is, is it any different to place your child in an oven and kill it, than it is to have its brains sucked out with the equivalent of a shop-vac ?


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  1. Dan Kramer Says:

    I agree. Murder is Murder is Murder anyway you want to look at it.

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