Can We Drill Now Baby ?

      Where are all the people who were screaming, ” drill here, drill now”, or  ” drill baby drill”, just a couple of years ago? And yes I am including Sarah Palin in this.

   During the election cycle of 2008 when oil prices were above $4.00 we were hearing a lot about the need for domestic drilling.  This was a time when ANWR was on everyone’s lips. Many thought it was actually the name of an area in Alaska. When in reality it was an acronym for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But what we did know was that there was oil there and we wanted to drill for it.

  Most of the conservatives around the nation, both in office and average citizens were in favor of tapping this domestic source of oil. There was also a lot of push for more off shore drilling in United States territorial waters. The country had reached the tipping point for the cost of a gallon of gas, and it was $4.00.

  Of course we were told by the environmentalist that to drill in ANWR or off shore was to risk destroying the delicate balance between man and nature. We were told that we must put all of our faith in solar and wind energy to solve our national energy crisis. I personally received letters from,then Rep. Mike Castle and Sen. Tom Carper, both of Delaware, in response to my urging them to push for domestic drilling. In these letters, that were mirror images of each other, I was told that we could not risk drilling in these sensitive areas. And that we should expand our use of alternative and renewable energy sources.

   Well time  passed and the election was over. Oil prices came down somewhat and returned the gallon price of gasoline back to a level that the citizens seem to be able to live with. No one has been clamoring for domestic drilling. Factor in the Gulf oil spill and it has become politically out of fashion to even suggest drilling in environmentally sensitive areas.

   Now let us come forward to the present. With the current unrest in the Middle East. Okay! The ongoing unrest in the Middle East. We are again seeing gasoline prices that are approaching $4.00 a gallon. Yet no one is suggesting domestic drilling. Why?

  I can’t answer this, because I can’t understand why not. When you factor in  that everything we buy is being driven up because of the down economy, you would think that people would be screaming about the oil prices. Will we have to wait until we actually hit the $4.00 mark again? I hope not.

  A recent study by the consulting firm, Northern Economics and the University of Alaska-Anchorage’s Institute of Social and Economic Research, shows that if  offshore drilling was developed on Alaska’s Outer Continental Shelf it would become the eighth largest oil resource province in the world. Ahead of Nigeria, Libya, Russia and Norway. Understand what this means. It would become the eighth largest province alone. That is incredible.

  The report goes on to say that there is an estimated 1o billion barrels of oil and 15 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the OCS of Alaska. If developed it could create 55,000 new jobs. These would produce $145 billion in new payroll nationally. All in all the developement of this natural resource would generate $193 billion in government revenues through the year 2057 . 

  At a time when all we hear about is the need to create new jobs, why wouldn’t we take this opportunity to do just that? When our economy is in desperate need of new sources of revenue, why wouldn’t we take advantage of this source? And when our government is in dire need of revenue to offset the out of control spending, why would we not seek to alleviate some of the problems we are suffering from.

  Now of course we will hear about the danger to the natural beauty of the surrounding area. We will also hear about the need to reduce our dependency on carbon fuels, even though man-made global warming has been put to lie.   

  At a time, when we are watching  the region from which the world receives a large amount of its oil, possibly spiralling down into complete chaos. We must use every resource at our disposal. Our energy independence is crucial to our national security. It is also crucial to our economic well-being. This is a nation that runs on oil. There is no way around that fact, no matter what fantasy world you would like to live in. Where airplanes fly on olive oil and our homes are heated by good thoughts.

  I have no problem with every possible option being explored. If a private company suddenly has some great breakthrough in solar or wind energy, that is great.We should also be developing our nuclear programs. But until that time, we know that oil works. We know how it works. And we know where it is. Let’s go get it. Let’s go get it now!

  And to close. We must also remove some, not all, of the punitive regulations for start-up of both nuclear and oil exploration. It should not take ten years just to get the permits to do a study, to see if it is feasible, to do a test drill.

  Look around the world my friends. We are running out of time. We must move quickly to secure our energy independence from nations that are falling apart and who have never had our best interest at heart.  Our government’s first responsibility is to protect the citizens. Government can best do that in this case, by allowing the natural resources that we control to be utilized for the betterment of this nation. Would China or Russia or any other nation around the world hesitate to develop this abundant oil reserve? No. And they laugh at us for not doing it. By  allowing this to happen the very government that is sworn to protect us, puts the nation in great peril.



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  1. Dan Kramer Says:

    Should we drill now? Yes! The Government should be handing out permits like candy, but no, the environmental wackos are out there not letting up and the Congress is so afraid of them that they keep on kissing the wackos, when they should tell the wackos to get out of the way or get run over. The oil companies say they can drill sideways, if so I wonder how far they can reach? I have a place for them to drill from if they can reach out to the ocean.

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