Two Americas

   Throughout the history of America there have been times when there has been two diverse Americas. Of course the nation is made up of many different groups, that lend to our unique society. But I will focus on the larger divisions.

    Even at our founding there were two groups of American colonist. We had of course the patriots who were considered rebels by the British, who wanted to be free from colonial rule. But we also had the loyalist, who wished to remain subjects of the British Crown.

  At one point in our history there was actually two Americas. During the War of Northern Agression, the original nation was split into two separate nations. It was only through a four-year war that the Confederacy was forced to return to the Union.

  Over time we have seen the ebb and flow of society create and eradicate barriers between groups.

  Sometimes these barriers are of a political nature, such as between Democrats and Republicans. Or between liberals and conservatives.

 At other times the barriers  are of an economic nature, the haves and the have nots. The rich, and the poor.

  There are social barriers that separate. Cultural barriers. Racial barriers. Gender. Ethnic. It seems that the one thing we do in a nation that has the word united within its name is, we divide ourselves. We find many ways to set ourselves apart from our fellow citizens.

  We are not unique in this behavior. It is human nature that leads to this. Look around the world and you will see people creating barriers based on the color of their skin. The language they speak. Even barriers based on religion, the one thing that should be able to bring us together.

  As I look around the United States of America today I see a growing trend that troubles me. I see the nation changing in a fundamental way. I see two distinct groups forming. On the one side you have a group of people who believe that we live in the greatest and freest nation in the world. That we have the most opportunities to achieve success. That through hard work and moral living anything is possible. That the results are equal to the effort.

  We have seen this throughout our history. We had manifest destiny. This was the belief that this nation was destined to grow and expand and to be a force to be reckoned with. And that is exactly what we became. Over the years, this nation has been the leader in the world. We were the most innovative when it came to inventions that brought the world’s people convenience. We gave the world ways to communicate across great distances, with the telegraph and telephone. We brought the world out of darkness with the electric light. We invented machines that made the life of workers easier. We inspired and invented flight. We mass-produced the automobile.

  More than just the things we built, we have been a nation that has been a leader in spreading and protecting  freedom around the world. Our sons and daughters have bled and died on foreign soil to secure liberty for our fellow-man. We have stepped in to stop tyrants and dictators from killing innocent people. We have fed the starving. We have given shelter to the homeless. We have been the wall against those who would destroy, so that others could create. We have been that “shining city on the hill”.

  All of these things have been possible because of the Liberty that we have been blessed with. It is because we are free to express our thoughts that others can be inspired by them. It is the freedom to risk our capital in ventures that may or may not see a return, that allows  a man to go from sweeping floors, to owning a company. It has been the spirit of individualism that has given each citizen the belief that anything is possible. 

  This spirit is still strong within many of our citizens today. They get up and go to work each day. They expect nothing, except an honest days pay for an honest days work. They are loyal to their employer as long as they are treated with respect. It is up to them to decide whether this is the case or not.  They are free to sever the relationship at any time. They seek nothing from the government but to be left alone. If they are forced to rely on the government, it is because the government has intruded into their lives through regulations and mandates under the threat of a gun and prison. They wish only to earn a living, raise a family, and to honor the legacy that the Founders laid out for  them.

  Unfortunately there is another group of people in this nation and their numbers are growing. They are the direct opposite of the first group. They seek to produce nothing. They feel that they are owed everything and they have no problem demanding it. If they have any knowledge of the origins of this nation at all, it is based on revised history. They have been taught to expect all of their needs to be taken care of by someone else. Most likely by government. If they don’t wish to work, then they expect welfare. If they can’t find work they expect an un-ending source of unemployment. They expect food to be supplied to them. They expect their health care need to be met by the taking of what others have worked for, and having it redistributed. If they have a job, they feel it is their right to demand that their employer pay them whatever wage they feel is appropriate. And if the employer doesn’t want to, or can’t afford to, these people feel it is within their rights to force this company out of business. Of course they can do this because they have the fall back position of nanny government.

  Now I started out with the premise that there are two groups within America. But there is a third. This third group may be the one that will actually be able to bring down what our Founding Fathers created some two hundred and thirty-five years ago. This third group actually believes that they have the authority to grant the wishes of the second group. They wield their power as if they were king. They believe it within their authority to steal from the first group, that which was earned through the honest labor of citizens, who wish nothing more than to pursue happiness. This third group is made up of people in government who do not respect our founding principles and values. They believe them to be antiquated. They actually wish to dismantle the very things that have made this nation great. It is this group that we must first fight against, for it is this group that holds the power to destroy not only our personal well-being. But also the well-being of the nation.

  These government bureaucrats will use the perceived needs of the parasitic group to justify their stealing from the producers of the nation. They will couch their arguments for stealing in platitudes of being for the needy, the children, the innocent. When their actions demonstrate that this is not the case. They will tell us that they care only for the good of the nation. Again this is not the case. Their only goal is the retention of personal power. They sustain this power by creating more and more of the parasitic group and in so doing perpetuate the need to control and to manipulate the producers within society.

  The sad fact is , this cannot be sustained forever. As more of the producer group becomes part of the parasitic group, there are fewer producers. Leaving no one as a host for the parasite. As with any parasite, if left untreated, the host will die. The only cure is to remove the parasite. In this case that means we must remove those within government that would allow the parasites to continue to feed.

  This is still a great nation with many honorable people. Hard working people. Moral people. It is those people that we must hold up as examples of what is right. We must show that it is possible to be more than a victim. That success is measured by the individual themselves. We must teach our children that it is the individual successes that make the whole stronger.


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