Political Terrorist

  I, like many around the nation, have been watching the goings on in Wisconsin. Where the Democrats in the state House of Representative have abandoned their positions. Rather than vote on a bill that would force public sector union members to pay a part of their health care and pension package, and also repeal collective bargaining, the so-called legislators have chosen to run and hide in Illinois.

  Now this tactic has been picked up by Democrats in Indiana, who have also decided to run and hide instead of fulfilling their elected duties. For the same reasons.

  As I have watched this unfold, I kept having the feeling that I had seen this type of behavior before. No I’m not talking about when the Democrats in Texas also ran away from their responsibilities.

   As I watched and listened to the news reports I was struck by the similarities between these Democrat lawmakers and terrorist.

  The fact that these Democrats have no respect for the rule of law. The fact that if they can’t win in the arena of ideas, then they will suicide bomb the process. Then they run and hide in their caves in remote areas. They phone into media outlets their manifestos, much in they way Bin Laden would send out recorded messages before and after events.

  Like terrorist they stir up the street people, in this case the union members to protest for the cameras. They insist that they will never give in until their demands are met. Which means that every citizen must convert to liberalism.

  They prey upon the weak among us. Those who believe that the Democrats and the unions have their best interest in mind. The same way that the terrorist prey upon the poorest and uneducated and strap bombs to them and send them out to do what the terrorist are too frightened to do themselves.

   Like the terrorist that promise the weak-minded suicide bomber that they will become a martyr and will awaken in heaven where there awaits them seventy-two virgins. These Democrat political terrorist on the other hand promise the union workers that if they continue to protest in the street, they will be rewarded with never-ending health care and riches beyond belief.

  I expect that at anytime, we should be seeing a video released by the Democrats. I expect it to be shot in a seedy motel room, with a stained bed sheet tacked to the wall. In front of the sheet we will see three or four of the Democrat legislators, maybe with neckties wrapped around their heads, with dark glasses on to hide their identities. Two of them will be holding a copy of the Constitution between them. The third will be wielding a rusty pair of scissors. After reading off their condemnation of the document, the third man will use the scissors to cut the Constitution into tiny bits.

  Now I know there are those who will excoriate me for using these metaphors. They will say I am inciting violence. But I have to say that these law makers have completely abandoned their positions and should be impeached. There should be special elections held to replace them. They obviously have no respect for democracy. They have left their constituency without the representation that they were elected to provide.

 The left is rife with hypocrisy. When Republicans are in the minority, we are told that we must compromise, that we must seek the center. When Democrats are in the minority, they act like spoiled children. They run away and pout and threaten to hold their breath until they get their way.

  Well I say, the same as you don’t give into a temper tantrum by a child, and the same as you do not negotiate with terrorist. I say that the governors of Wisconsin and Indiana should not cave into these political terrorist. I say let the states shut down. I say let the nation shut down. It is the democrats that have brought us to this point. Let the nation see exactly what it is that the Democrats have wrought.

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  1. Dan Kramer Says:

    The Democrats should be charged with the following, Nonfeasance, failure to do duty required to be done. Malfeasance, the performance of a that is wrongful official misconduct. Misfeasance, the performance of a lawful act in a unlawful or culpable manner. Then the voters should demand that Senators resign or be arrested for not doing their sworn duty!

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