Organized Chaos

  Well I am just home from the Sussex County GOP monthly meeting. WOW!

   After all of the confusion over changing the date, the location and the mistakes about where the new location would be, the actual meeting did not fail to live up to the hype.

   To start off, neither the Chairman Ron Sams nor the Vice Chair Bryan Shupe were present. This ment that the meeting was opened by the Secretary Carol Bodine. Once the meeting had been opened, Ms. Bodine made a motion to nominate Judge Bill Lee to act as chairman pro-temp. Another committee member then nominated Vance Phillips also. This led to the committee having to vote. This is where the wheels came off the bus for a little bit. A secret ballot was called for.

  So little blue slips of paper were handed out to the committee members. Problem is that somehow they got back more than they handed out. So this ment they would have to do it all over again, this time calling role and having each committee person come up and receive their slip of paper. This process took close to forty minutes. In the end Vance Phillips was selected to preside over the meeting. Personally I am not sure why a simple show of hands wasn’t good enough, except that many of those voting may not have the courage of their convictions.

  So now the meeting began in earnest. After saying a prayer and the pledge of allegiance a motion was made to amend the agenda. The motion was carried.

  Okay enough with the small talk, let’s get to the big news. A motion was made by Christian Hudson that basically spelled out numerous issues that members of the committee have with Ron Sams and asked for Mr.Sams resignation. I hope to have the full text of the motion sometime tomorrow and will post it if someone doesn’t beat me to it.

  So now the committee had to vote on the motion. But wait, another secret ballot was called for. At least they had gotten it down to a fifteen minute operation. In the end the motion was carried. Now this was a call for Mr. Sams to resign, it doesn’t mean he has to or that he will. It only demonstrates that a majority of the committee wish for him to.

  By the way there was a letter that Mr. Sams had written that was to be read at this meeting by Bruce Fitzgerald. Mr. Fitzgerald had been appointed by Mr. Sams to be Parliamentarian. Mr. Fitzgerald had resigned at the last meeting due to over whelming negative reaction to his appointment. Well when it came time for Mr. Fitzgerald to read the letter, he was nowhere to be found, though he had been in the meeting earlier. So we still have no idea what was in the letter. Whether it was Mr. Sams resignation, or his defiant message that he would not resign. We may not know until the March meeting. All in all after the rough start, the meeting was run by the rules and business was conducted. There was no shouting and no one was ignored.

  But even with all of this drama, the night still had more to give in the way of demonstrating the true feeling of many in the Sussex County GOP, be it the committee itself, or the voters who had showed up to see the inner workings.

  The time had come for the guest speaker to say a few words. The guest speaker was none other than state GOP party Chairman Tom Ross himself. First let me say that I was shocked that he even showed up. During all of the business about Ron Sams, Mr. Ross had sat at the front of the room looking bored and texting on his phone.

  When Mr. Phillips announced him, he made it clear that he often disagreed with Mr. Ross, but that he considered him a friend and asked the assembled audience to treat him with respect. As Mr. Ross approached the lectern a large number of people stood up and began to walk out of the room. I am proud to say that I was among them. As we were leaving Mr. Ross acknowledged that we were performing “some sort of walk out”.

  As we waited outside, in about five minutes more people began to leave the auditorium. Then Mr. Ross himself came out. It seems that he was asked about the statements that he made concerning Christine O’Donnell. The conversation ended shortly there after. Since I was not in the room at the time I will not attempt to comment on it.

  I did witness several people outside with signs reading ” Tom Ross For Dog Catcher” who confronted Mr. Ross as he left. A young lady with a camera stopped him and did a short interview( it may have been WBOC, but I’m not sure) the whole time with the people and signs behind him. As he was leaving people were encouraging him to return to NCC and to resign right there and then.

  Now some may say that the things that took place tonight in Sussex County were out of line and maybe even disrespectful. Maybe. But you have to understand that many people in Sussex are extremely frustrated by the way the GOP establishment has been handling business. Be it the state chair making remarks about the people’s chosen candidate for U.S. Senate, or the fact that Sussex County Chairman Ron Sams seems to have completely decided to ignore anyone who he feels is out of line with the party line.

  What those of us who were present tonight witnessed, may well have been the start of taking back the GOP from the moderate leftist who have been running it for far too long. What is needed now is for rank and file voters to stay engaged, and to hold the leadership accountable.

  We must be diligent. We must never be willing to compromise on our principles, no matter who tells us that we should. They will tell you that to win elections you must compromise. This may be true, but not on principles and values. On these we must hold rock steady.

  And by the way, for those who often accuse him of not going anywhere, Rick was at this meeting and I had the chance to meet him for the first time. For a guy who the liberals believe never goes out of his bunker, he seems remarkably healthy.


2 Responses to “Organized Chaos”

  1. Scott Says:

    Here’s some Youtube video of the fat bastard!

  2. Dan Kramer Says:

    Ross is Dead wrong! Whoops, did I say that. He can say what he wants about COD not being voted in for a dogcatcher, if Castle and Ross had backed COD right after the primary she would now be Senator COD. Castle and Ross were crying in their beer after they lost and they still do not get! Ross you need to resign now!!! We are telling you to get out of town, we do not need you, we do not want you, you have done enough damage to the GOP, so go home and lick your wounds.

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