Extraordinary,Ordinary People

   I just finished reading Condoleezza Rice’s book,” Extraordinary,Ordinary People”. I recommend this book to everyone, no matter their political leanings.

  This is not a book about her time in the Bush administration. This is not a book about her political views so much as it is a book about how those views may have been formed.

   This book is about the love of a close-knit family.  In it she tells the story of her life leading up to working in the Bush administration.

   Now as  a middle-aged white man I can never understand the things that a person of color has lived through, and how they have affected the person you become. In this book Dr. Rice tell us not only of her middle class black family, but also of growing up in Birmingham, Alabama. The epicenter of racism in the south during the civil rights struggle. She relates the effect this had on her family and their personal outlook on how to deal with it.

  I recommend that everyone reads this book. It is the story of parent’s unconditional love and dedication to their child. It is a testament to the fact that hard work and dedication can lead to success.

  Dr. Rice should be an inspiration not only to black people, not only to women and young girls, but to every American who has ever dreamed of testing the boundaries of our society. Her accomplishments are proof that even those who may not have every advantage can, through hard work succeed.


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