Identity Crisis

   There has been a lot of talk lately about the direction that the GOP in general, and the Delaware GOP in particular, should be headed in.

    The discussions have centered on what it means to be a Republican, along with what message the GOP should be sending. These debates usually deteriorate into name calling and are  filled with accusations about who was at fault for the last defeat.

  To often, in my opinion, we get side tracked by asking the question, what is the GOP? When, I believe, the real question should be,who is the GOP?

  The GOP should not be thought of as a thing, or even an organiztion. The GOP, if it is to survive the current unrest, must begin to see itself as a living representation of the people who make up the party.

  Now, anyone who has had the pleasure, or displeasure, of reading any of my postings on this topic, know that I believe the party belongs to the rank and file voters.

  The GOP is not a vehicle to be used by the upwardly mobile politicians. It cannot be, little more than the playground for party leaders to enjoy the parties and dinners.

 When we ask who is the GOP? The answer must always be, the Republican voters!

  This party is and should be a coalition of people who are united with the aim of moving the nation forward. The history of the GOP has always been as the light of traditional values and principles. The GOP has always been the defender of individual liberties. In short the GOP has been the bearer of the conservative banner.

  Unfortunately, as of lately, the GOP leadership and many of the party insiders have taken the attitude that the party is the leader. And the rank and file voters should just follow where they are led. When in reality the exact opposite should be true.

  This party does not belong to the party chairs. This party doesn’t belong to any of the hard-working party insiders. This party doesn’t belong to anyone. The GOP must be the rallying point for people who hold conservative values.

  This is where we tend to begin to have trouble. What are conservative values? Who gets to define them? How do we bring people with different views together?

  Well the argument usually comes down to, fiscal verses social. People who feel that fiscal issues are the only issues that can be discussed, will tell you that to even talk about social issues will cost you every election. People who feel that social issues are just as important as fiscal issues to the well-being of the nation, can’t understand how the fiscals don’t get it.

  Currently the Delaware GOP is controlled by people who are of the mind, that social issues have no place in the debate about the direction of the nation. They will tell you that they are fiscally conservative and this is supposed to end the discussion. The Delaware GOP leadership has also decided that they will tell the rank and file how and who to vote for. They feel that it is their place to pick candidates and to decide which issues should be important to the voters.

  No thank you. If the Delaware GOP is ever going to gain control of state politics again, then we as voters must dissuade the leadership of this wrong-headed attitude.

  As we saw in the last GOP primary in 2010,  the rank and file GOP voters rejected the GOP endorsed candidates. The Delaware GOP went through their convention dog and pony show and selected party insiders to be the GOP candidates for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. Then the people spoke in the primary elections and clearly said no to party insiders.

 Now I know the usual GOP insiders will show up behind their made up names and talk about how the candidates that the people chose lost the general election. This is a fact. And since the election there has been much talk about why. But the fact is that the GOP voters chose their candidates and it is then the party leaderships responsibility to back those candidates with the full force of the party. But instead the party insiders chose to knee cap the people’s choices and the party itself. And why? So that they could say they were right and to attempt to cement their power.

  It is now up to the people, the rank and file voters, to make sure that they do not allow the same people who cost us the last election to remain in power. We must build upon our victory in the primary and continue to remove long time insiders from positions of power.

 I call on members of the GOP to come together. I, as a voter, who believes that social issues are equally as important as fiscal issues will work with voters who feel that fiscal issues are the end all, to assure that this party and this nation continue their long history of greatness. 

  But I will not compromise my principles or my values. I call on the fiscal only minded people to open your minds to the reality that unless the two factions pull together, the Democrats will continue to win elections and the GOP will run the very real risk of becoming extinct. I do not ask you to compromise you principles on fiscal issues, do not ask me to compromise mine on social issues.

  I believe that we can come together as voters and elect people who will represent all people of a conservative mind. But we must understand that the candidates that we choose must represent the views of all GOP voters, not just a select few and not just the even smaller group of party leaders and insiders.

 It is not fiscally conservative candidates that we need. It is not socially conservative candidates that we need. It is conservative candidates that we need. For if a candidate is conservative, then they will apply conservative principles to solve all the issues facing the nation.

  As our founding Fathers stated, “We The People”, to found and to build this nation, so must we as members of the GOP say, “We The People”, to right this foundering ship.

  I am the GOP, you are the GOP, we are the GOP!


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