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Two Americas

February 24, 2011

   Throughout the history of America there have been times when there has been two diverse Americas. Of course the nation is made up of many different groups, that lend to our unique society. But I will focus on the larger divisions.

    Even at our founding there were two groups of American colonist. We had of course the patriots who were considered rebels by the British, who wanted to be free from colonial rule. But we also had the loyalist, who wished to remain subjects of the British Crown.

  At one point in our history there was actually two Americas. During the War of Northern Agression, the original nation was split into two separate nations. It was only through a four-year war that the Confederacy was forced to return to the Union.

  Over time we have seen the ebb and flow of society create and eradicate barriers between groups.

  Sometimes these barriers are of a political nature, such as between Democrats and Republicans. Or between liberals and conservatives.

 At other times the barriers  are of an economic nature, the haves and the have nots. The rich, and the poor.

  There are social barriers that separate. Cultural barriers. Racial barriers. Gender. Ethnic. It seems that the one thing we do in a nation that has the word united within its name is, we divide ourselves. We find many ways to set ourselves apart from our fellow citizens.

  We are not unique in this behavior. It is human nature that leads to this. Look around the world and you will see people creating barriers based on the color of their skin. The language they speak. Even barriers based on religion, the one thing that should be able to bring us together.

  As I look around the United States of America today I see a growing trend that troubles me. I see the nation changing in a fundamental way. I see two distinct groups forming. On the one side you have a group of people who believe that we live in the greatest and freest nation in the world. That we have the most opportunities to achieve success. That through hard work and moral living anything is possible. That the results are equal to the effort.

  We have seen this throughout our history. We had manifest destiny. This was the belief that this nation was destined to grow and expand and to be a force to be reckoned with. And that is exactly what we became. Over the years, this nation has been the leader in the world. We were the most innovative when it came to inventions that brought the world’s people convenience. We gave the world ways to communicate across great distances, with the telegraph and telephone. We brought the world out of darkness with the electric light. We invented machines that made the life of workers easier. We inspired and invented flight. We mass-produced the automobile.

  More than just the things we built, we have been a nation that has been a leader in spreading and protecting  freedom around the world. Our sons and daughters have bled and died on foreign soil to secure liberty for our fellow-man. We have stepped in to stop tyrants and dictators from killing innocent people. We have fed the starving. We have given shelter to the homeless. We have been the wall against those who would destroy, so that others could create. We have been that “shining city on the hill”.

  All of these things have been possible because of the Liberty that we have been blessed with. It is because we are free to express our thoughts that others can be inspired by them. It is the freedom to risk our capital in ventures that may or may not see a return, that allows  a man to go from sweeping floors, to owning a company. It has been the spirit of individualism that has given each citizen the belief that anything is possible. 

  This spirit is still strong within many of our citizens today. They get up and go to work each day. They expect nothing, except an honest days pay for an honest days work. They are loyal to their employer as long as they are treated with respect. It is up to them to decide whether this is the case or not.  They are free to sever the relationship at any time. They seek nothing from the government but to be left alone. If they are forced to rely on the government, it is because the government has intruded into their lives through regulations and mandates under the threat of a gun and prison. They wish only to earn a living, raise a family, and to honor the legacy that the Founders laid out for  them.

  Unfortunately there is another group of people in this nation and their numbers are growing. They are the direct opposite of the first group. They seek to produce nothing. They feel that they are owed everything and they have no problem demanding it. If they have any knowledge of the origins of this nation at all, it is based on revised history. They have been taught to expect all of their needs to be taken care of by someone else. Most likely by government. If they don’t wish to work, then they expect welfare. If they can’t find work they expect an un-ending source of unemployment. They expect food to be supplied to them. They expect their health care need to be met by the taking of what others have worked for, and having it redistributed. If they have a job, they feel it is their right to demand that their employer pay them whatever wage they feel is appropriate. And if the employer doesn’t want to, or can’t afford to, these people feel it is within their rights to force this company out of business. Of course they can do this because they have the fall back position of nanny government.

  Now I started out with the premise that there are two groups within America. But there is a third. This third group may be the one that will actually be able to bring down what our Founding Fathers created some two hundred and thirty-five years ago. This third group actually believes that they have the authority to grant the wishes of the second group. They wield their power as if they were king. They believe it within their authority to steal from the first group, that which was earned through the honest labor of citizens, who wish nothing more than to pursue happiness. This third group is made up of people in government who do not respect our founding principles and values. They believe them to be antiquated. They actually wish to dismantle the very things that have made this nation great. It is this group that we must first fight against, for it is this group that holds the power to destroy not only our personal well-being. But also the well-being of the nation.

  These government bureaucrats will use the perceived needs of the parasitic group to justify their stealing from the producers of the nation. They will couch their arguments for stealing in platitudes of being for the needy, the children, the innocent. When their actions demonstrate that this is not the case. They will tell us that they care only for the good of the nation. Again this is not the case. Their only goal is the retention of personal power. They sustain this power by creating more and more of the parasitic group and in so doing perpetuate the need to control and to manipulate the producers within society.

  The sad fact is , this cannot be sustained forever. As more of the producer group becomes part of the parasitic group, there are fewer producers. Leaving no one as a host for the parasite. As with any parasite, if left untreated, the host will die. The only cure is to remove the parasite. In this case that means we must remove those within government that would allow the parasites to continue to feed.

  This is still a great nation with many honorable people. Hard working people. Moral people. It is those people that we must hold up as examples of what is right. We must show that it is possible to be more than a victim. That success is measured by the individual themselves. We must teach our children that it is the individual successes that make the whole stronger.


Political Terrorist

February 22, 2011

  I, like many around the nation, have been watching the goings on in Wisconsin. Where the Democrats in the state House of Representative have abandoned their positions. Rather than vote on a bill that would force public sector union members to pay a part of their health care and pension package, and also repeal collective bargaining, the so-called legislators have chosen to run and hide in Illinois.

  Now this tactic has been picked up by Democrats in Indiana, who have also decided to run and hide instead of fulfilling their elected duties. For the same reasons.

  As I have watched this unfold, I kept having the feeling that I had seen this type of behavior before. No I’m not talking about when the Democrats in Texas also ran away from their responsibilities.

   As I watched and listened to the news reports I was struck by the similarities between these Democrat lawmakers and terrorist.

  The fact that these Democrats have no respect for the rule of law. The fact that if they can’t win in the arena of ideas, then they will suicide bomb the process. Then they run and hide in their caves in remote areas. They phone into media outlets their manifestos, much in they way Bin Laden would send out recorded messages before and after events.

  Like terrorist they stir up the street people, in this case the union members to protest for the cameras. They insist that they will never give in until their demands are met. Which means that every citizen must convert to liberalism.

  They prey upon the weak among us. Those who believe that the Democrats and the unions have their best interest in mind. The same way that the terrorist prey upon the poorest and uneducated and strap bombs to them and send them out to do what the terrorist are too frightened to do themselves.

   Like the terrorist that promise the weak-minded suicide bomber that they will become a martyr and will awaken in heaven where there awaits them seventy-two virgins. These Democrat political terrorist on the other hand promise the union workers that if they continue to protest in the street, they will be rewarded with never-ending health care and riches beyond belief.

  I expect that at anytime, we should be seeing a video released by the Democrats. I expect it to be shot in a seedy motel room, with a stained bed sheet tacked to the wall. In front of the sheet we will see three or four of the Democrat legislators, maybe with neckties wrapped around their heads, with dark glasses on to hide their identities. Two of them will be holding a copy of the Constitution between them. The third will be wielding a rusty pair of scissors. After reading off their condemnation of the document, the third man will use the scissors to cut the Constitution into tiny bits.

  Now I know there are those who will excoriate me for using these metaphors. They will say I am inciting violence. But I have to say that these law makers have completely abandoned their positions and should be impeached. There should be special elections held to replace them. They obviously have no respect for democracy. They have left their constituency without the representation that they were elected to provide.

 The left is rife with hypocrisy. When Republicans are in the minority, we are told that we must compromise, that we must seek the center. When Democrats are in the minority, they act like spoiled children. They run away and pout and threaten to hold their breath until they get their way.

  Well I say, the same as you don’t give into a temper tantrum by a child, and the same as you do not negotiate with terrorist. I say that the governors of Wisconsin and Indiana should not cave into these political terrorist. I say let the states shut down. I say let the nation shut down. It is the democrats that have brought us to this point. Let the nation see exactly what it is that the Democrats have wrought.

Look For The Union Label

February 20, 2011

  Recently there has been a lot of news about unions not being happy about having to suffer along with the rest of us in this down economy.

   We have all heard through the national media about the public service unions in Wisconsin. The teachers standing in the streets complaining that the state can no longer afford to pay for their health care package and retirement. The governor of that state has asked them to contribute to both, and even then, the cost to the individual would be the second lowest in their region. The real sticking point is the collective bargaining. The governor wants to remove this arrow from the quiver of the unions. In so doing it would take away the unfair advantage unions have over private sector employees and the government.

  Well you don’t have to go halfway across the nation to find union members who have lost touch with reality. Right here in Delaware we have union members that don’t understand that they have priced themselves out of a job.

  Recently Perdue Poultry announced that it would be outsourcing its chicken catching operations at two of its plants, including the one in Georgetown. This means that Perdue will be letting one hundred chicken catchers go and replacing them with a sub-contractor from North Carolina.

  The current Perdue employees are union workers. They unionized back in 2002. The North Carolina company will catch chickens for half as much as Perdue is currently paying the union workers.

  I have heard the complaints from the current Perdue chicken catchers, that the North Carolina company will be hiring nothing but illegal immigrants and that this is how they can keep down the cost. They also complain about the wages being paid to the sub-contractor will be leaving Delaware. They have also said that they have contacted the North Carolina company to seek employment and have been told that there are no openings.

  First on the accusation of the sub-contractor hiring illegals. These union workers didn’t seem to have any problem working with the ones at Perdue. But if the sub-contractor is hiring illegals then that needs to be handled, just as I believe that Perdue should be held accountable for hiring illegals. It is a strawman argument ment to rally support for the union workers.

  Second, the company from North Carolina will not be loading workers on buses every morning from North Carolina and sending them up to Delaware to catch chickens. The company may be based out of North Carolina, but they will be hiring people in Delaware. People who live here and spend their money here. So the wages paid will still have a benefit for the state.

  Third, now this is where it gets a little fuzzy for the union workers argument. When Perdue proposed cuts the workers said they couldn’t afford to work for less. Yet they are now saying that they have sought out employment with the North Carolina company. You know the one that will be paying their employees less. So which is it?

  We can almost be sure that Perdue was talking to union reps about the need to cut cost. We can almost be sure that the union reps were against any sort of cuts. This is a case of a company needing to make cuts to protect their bottom line. When it comes to the point of needing to make cuts, unfortunately employees are usually the first choice.

 The company can’t do anything about the cost of energy or repairs to their equipment. In the poultry industry the cost of feed is rising, in large part due to the cost of corn being driven up by the government’s mandate of ethanol. There is rising cost to the business that they have no control over. So they must look to ways to hold down cost. Cutting the cost of catching the chickens is a good business choice.

  Some of the union employees have said that this is just a way for Perdue to get rid of the union. Okay. That too is a good business choice. Why would any business want to have within its organization a parasitic sub-organization? Unions do not exist to benefit the companies they work for. They exist only to grow the size of the union. They blackmail the companies under threat of striking into paying wages beyond the average and into giving promises of  pension packages with benefits better than some people who are still working can get.

  This could explain why the North Carolina company is not interested in hiring any of the current Perdue employees. Why would you hire people who have already shown that they believe in unionizing?

     Unions have outlived their usefulness. We are no longer living in the 1920s. Where children are chained to machines in sweatshops. There are wage laws and work place safety agencies that protect employees. Unions do nothing to contribute to the growth of any industry. Unions simply exist to promote unions.

  I think that the chicken catchers may have been better off if they could have made the choice of taking a pay cut on an individual basis. Some would have chosen to take the cut and keep their jobs. Because some are wise enough to understand that half is more than nothing, isn’t it? But instead the union preaches to them that they have to stick together. Well now they will all be in the un-employment line together. Personally I would rather stand on my own merit, rather than be linked to every other worker. Here’s an idea, why doesn’t one of these people start their own chicken catcher company and compete for the business? I know where they can find at least one hundred employees.

  From a business stand point Perdue made a good choice. I think that the governor of Wisconsin needs to make the same good choice. Stick to his guns and let the unions show their true colors. It will be the unions shutting down Wisconsin, not the governor. It is the teachers that have left the classrooms.

 By the way, maybe the governor should force the teachers back into the classrooms much in the same way that Reagan force the air controllers back to work. The same that it is illegal for police and firemen to strike. Public safety. By having the teachers out on strike and in some cases actually bringing the students to the demonstrations, they are creating a public safety issue for the children, who would normally be in class. Instead of out on the streets doing who knows what.

  We need only look to the auto industry to see the negative effect that unions have had, and are having on industries. We can no longer afford to carry the weight of the union demands.

A Step Towards Life

February 18, 2011

   Several weeks ago I posted an article using abortion as an example of how to bring the two warring factions within the GOP together.

  In that article I explained how we could use the cost of funding organizations such as Planned Parenthood to bring together the fiscal onlies and the more conservative faction of the GOP who care deeply about the rights of the unborn.

  In the article I suggested that we pull together to defund Planned Parenthood, and in so doing we would actually be satisfying both social conservatives,who want to save lives. And the fiscal conservatives, who want to cut federal spending.

  Well, I’m not going to try to take credit for it, but today the House Republicans did just that. They voted to defund Planned Parenthood. The amendment to the continuing resolution  was passed in a 240-185 vote. This cuts (ALL) federal funding for this terrible organization until Sept.30th when the next budget will come due.

  Now of course this hasn’t passed in the Senate yet, and it will surely face a hard fight in that chamber. But at least this is a step in the right direction, a step towards life.

  I applaud the courage of those Republican Representatives that had the strength of their principles and their values to actually dare to take on such a hot button issue.

  As I stated in my previous article, I don’t really care if they voted to defund based on their desire to save lives, or if they are just opposed to the over spending from the federal level. The result is the same. There will be fewer children murdered and the federal government will spend less money.

  This is the way forward for the GOP, a way to bring the two largest factions together to defeat liberalism.

  How can any member of the GOP be against this amendment? If you are pro-life, you win. If you are a fiscal conservative, you win. And the best part is, we should all be happy to have pulled together to pass this. There are other such issues out there. We need only put aside our long time disagreements to be able to see them.

Organized Chaos

February 17, 2011

  Well I am just home from the Sussex County GOP monthly meeting. WOW!

   After all of the confusion over changing the date, the location and the mistakes about where the new location would be, the actual meeting did not fail to live up to the hype.

   To start off, neither the Chairman Ron Sams nor the Vice Chair Bryan Shupe were present. This ment that the meeting was opened by the Secretary Carol Bodine. Once the meeting had been opened, Ms. Bodine made a motion to nominate Judge Bill Lee to act as chairman pro-temp. Another committee member then nominated Vance Phillips also. This led to the committee having to vote. This is where the wheels came off the bus for a little bit. A secret ballot was called for.

  So little blue slips of paper were handed out to the committee members. Problem is that somehow they got back more than they handed out. So this ment they would have to do it all over again, this time calling role and having each committee person come up and receive their slip of paper. This process took close to forty minutes. In the end Vance Phillips was selected to preside over the meeting. Personally I am not sure why a simple show of hands wasn’t good enough, except that many of those voting may not have the courage of their convictions.

  So now the meeting began in earnest. After saying a prayer and the pledge of allegiance a motion was made to amend the agenda. The motion was carried.

  Okay enough with the small talk, let’s get to the big news. A motion was made by Christian Hudson that basically spelled out numerous issues that members of the committee have with Ron Sams and asked for Mr.Sams resignation. I hope to have the full text of the motion sometime tomorrow and will post it if someone doesn’t beat me to it.

  So now the committee had to vote on the motion. But wait, another secret ballot was called for. At least they had gotten it down to a fifteen minute operation. In the end the motion was carried. Now this was a call for Mr. Sams to resign, it doesn’t mean he has to or that he will. It only demonstrates that a majority of the committee wish for him to.

  By the way there was a letter that Mr. Sams had written that was to be read at this meeting by Bruce Fitzgerald. Mr. Fitzgerald had been appointed by Mr. Sams to be Parliamentarian. Mr. Fitzgerald had resigned at the last meeting due to over whelming negative reaction to his appointment. Well when it came time for Mr. Fitzgerald to read the letter, he was nowhere to be found, though he had been in the meeting earlier. So we still have no idea what was in the letter. Whether it was Mr. Sams resignation, or his defiant message that he would not resign. We may not know until the March meeting. All in all after the rough start, the meeting was run by the rules and business was conducted. There was no shouting and no one was ignored.

  But even with all of this drama, the night still had more to give in the way of demonstrating the true feeling of many in the Sussex County GOP, be it the committee itself, or the voters who had showed up to see the inner workings.

  The time had come for the guest speaker to say a few words. The guest speaker was none other than state GOP party Chairman Tom Ross himself. First let me say that I was shocked that he even showed up. During all of the business about Ron Sams, Mr. Ross had sat at the front of the room looking bored and texting on his phone.

  When Mr. Phillips announced him, he made it clear that he often disagreed with Mr. Ross, but that he considered him a friend and asked the assembled audience to treat him with respect. As Mr. Ross approached the lectern a large number of people stood up and began to walk out of the room. I am proud to say that I was among them. As we were leaving Mr. Ross acknowledged that we were performing “some sort of walk out”.

  As we waited outside, in about five minutes more people began to leave the auditorium. Then Mr. Ross himself came out. It seems that he was asked about the statements that he made concerning Christine O’Donnell. The conversation ended shortly there after. Since I was not in the room at the time I will not attempt to comment on it.

  I did witness several people outside with signs reading ” Tom Ross For Dog Catcher” who confronted Mr. Ross as he left. A young lady with a camera stopped him and did a short interview( it may have been WBOC, but I’m not sure) the whole time with the people and signs behind him. As he was leaving people were encouraging him to return to NCC and to resign right there and then.

  Now some may say that the things that took place tonight in Sussex County were out of line and maybe even disrespectful. Maybe. But you have to understand that many people in Sussex are extremely frustrated by the way the GOP establishment has been handling business. Be it the state chair making remarks about the people’s chosen candidate for U.S. Senate, or the fact that Sussex County Chairman Ron Sams seems to have completely decided to ignore anyone who he feels is out of line with the party line.

  What those of us who were present tonight witnessed, may well have been the start of taking back the GOP from the moderate leftist who have been running it for far too long. What is needed now is for rank and file voters to stay engaged, and to hold the leadership accountable.

  We must be diligent. We must never be willing to compromise on our principles, no matter who tells us that we should. They will tell you that to win elections you must compromise. This may be true, but not on principles and values. On these we must hold rock steady.

  And by the way, for those who often accuse him of not going anywhere, Rick was at this meeting and I had the chance to meet him for the first time. For a guy who the liberals believe never goes out of his bunker, he seems remarkably healthy.

Sussex GOP Meeting Reminder (Update!)

February 14, 2011

  EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA!!!   The Sussex County GOP meeting that had been re-scheduled for Wednesday the 16th has now been relocated.

   The meeting will be held on Wednesday the 16th at 7:30pm, but the new location will be at Del Tech in Georgetown De.. The meeting will be in room 529 which is in the Carter Building .

  Please , please come out to this meeting. I will try to avoid my inclination to attribute this move as being an attempt by the party establishment to confuse people and make it harder for the average voter to show up. If you are reading this then please tell your friends that the location for the Wednesday night meeting for the 16th of February has been moved to the Carter Building in room 529 at |Del |Tech in Georgetown De.

Is This How Cultural Change Begins ?

February 13, 2011

  This is  a short piece I found on Newsmax.

Texas Schools to Make Arabic Mandatory

Officials with the Mansfield, Texas, school district plan to make it mandatory for students to study Arabic language and culture.

Arabic classes would be required at Cross Timbers Intermediate School and Kenneth Davis Elementary School as part of a five-year, $1.3 million grant awarded to the school district by the U.S. Department of Education.

The classes would be optional for students at two other schools in Mansfield, a city of about 42,000 south of Dallas-Ft. Worth.

The Department of Education has identified Arabic as a “language of the future.”

Some parents are upset that the school district disclosed plans to require the classes without any prior warning to parents.

There are also concerns about religion. “The school district doesn’t teach Christianity, so I don’t want them teaching Islam,” parent Baron Kane told a local CBS News affiliate. But Kheirieh Hannun, who was born in the Middle East and raised in the United States, said she hoped the classes would broaden the minds of parents as well as students.

  So the question is, is this how cultural change begins? As a parent I would be extremely concerned that this has been made mandatory with no prior public input.  Also as the one parent expressed concern over the possibility of this course containing any references to the muslim religion, since there is no teaching of Christianity in or other religions in this district.

 I am not saying that Arabic as a language could not be a useful tool in a career choice of some children. Say, if they intend to work for the government or in businesses that work around the world. But why must we mandate any certain language? We already require foreign language classes. But why can’t the individual students with the input of their parents make the choice of which language would best benefit the individual student?

 What if? Since this Arabic language course is mandatory, students decide to not take Spanish. Not that I am extremely happy with the influence that the immigration of large numbers of Spanish-speaking people are having on the nation, but let’s face it, Spanish in the near future will be far more important and useful to our new generations than Arabic.

  One has to wonder what is behind this decision in Texas. Is this school district the home of a large number of Arabic speaking immigrants? Who is on the Board of Education that would have thought this a good idea? I’ll bet you that any who voted in favor of this won’t be there long.

  So the next time you think that going to your local school board meeting isn’t important, think again. And clearly it does matter who gets elected to these boards.

Extraordinary,Ordinary People

February 11, 2011

   I just finished reading Condoleezza Rice’s book,” Extraordinary,Ordinary People”. I recommend this book to everyone, no matter their political leanings.

  This is not a book about her time in the Bush administration. This is not a book about her political views so much as it is a book about how those views may have been formed.

   This book is about the love of a close-knit family.  In it she tells the story of her life leading up to working in the Bush administration.

   Now as  a middle-aged white man I can never understand the things that a person of color has lived through, and how they have affected the person you become. In this book Dr. Rice tell us not only of her middle class black family, but also of growing up in Birmingham, Alabama. The epicenter of racism in the south during the civil rights struggle. She relates the effect this had on her family and their personal outlook on how to deal with it.

  I recommend that everyone reads this book. It is the story of parent’s unconditional love and dedication to their child. It is a testament to the fact that hard work and dedication can lead to success.

  Dr. Rice should be an inspiration not only to black people, not only to women and young girls, but to every American who has ever dreamed of testing the boundaries of our society. Her accomplishments are proof that even those who may not have every advantage can, through hard work succeed.


February 6, 2011

    World Book Encyclopedia defines life as: living; being alive. People,animals, and plants have life; rocks, dirt, and metals do not. Life is shown by growing and reproducing.

  I think that the important part of this definition in relation to the question of abortion is the part about growing.

  The right to abortion crowd will argue about when does a child become a child, or when does life begin. Well according to this definition, life if growing and reproducing.

  It would seem as if the parents have fulfilled the reproducing part at conception, and the growing part begins immediately after conception.

  Now of course the pro-abortion crowd will tell you that life doesn’t start until much later. This allows them to assuage their consciences about the murder of a child.

  Many of these same people who will tell you that life does not begin with conception, will become extremely excited over news that some single cell amoeba has been found and will call it life. Yet the miracle of human conception is lost on them.

  If we as a society refuse to awaken to the horror that abortion truly is, then we run the risk of the complete break down of society. I say shame on all who would sacrifice a single childs life in the name of political expediency.

 I call on all who support abortion to ask yourselves. Would you stand by while a woman was stoned to death by extremist muslims for a perceived offence of their muslim law? Would you stand by as a parent made the “CHOICE” to beat their child to death? Would you stand by making intellectual arguments as a farmer placed four puppies into a sack with some rocks and then threw it into a pond? Could you remain emotionally detached in any of these scenarios? Or would you intervene to stop the murder of the people. Would you be outraged at the cruelty to animals? Then why or how can you be less enraged at the millions of murders over the years, the hundreds of thousands a years, the thousands a month, the hundreds a day, the tens an hour? How can you justify the single murder of an innocent child?

 These children that have been allowed to be murdered with the blessing of the law cry out to us from the dim annals of our history. Those who have chosen to turn a blind eye towards this crime will some day answer for it. And for what have we sacrificed these innocents for? I say there is nothing worth the cost of the life of a child. If we hold life sacred, then we must hold all life sacred.

 I am a believer in capital punishment. I believe that while it is not a deterrent to crime, I do believe that it is a solution to certain criminals. But as much as I believe that, I would gladly argue for it being abolished, if at the same time abortion were to be abolished.

 We cannot as a society survive, if we are destroying our young. even in the animal world, herds and packs will defend the young first. Are we less than animals?

This One Is For All Of My Fiscal Only Friends In The GOP

February 4, 2011

    Yes, I am on a theme here. We are drawing near to the 2012 elections, and yet,we in the GOP still have not really come to any sort of understanding of how to pull the two factions of the party together.

   How do the more conservative members of the GOP,who feel the need to address social issues facing the nation, convince the so-called moderates of the GOP,that there is more in the world than fiscal issues?

  Well,I will attempt to demonstrate that most issues are both fiscally and socially relevant.

   Let’s look at one of the most important social issues in the United States. Abortion! This one issue, is one of the most divisive issues, not only in the nation, but also within the GOP.

  On the one hand you have people like myself that feel that the continued killing of babies can only lead to the degradation of  our society. We feel that the killing of babies is no less murder than the killing of a grandmother to rob her.

  Of course there are those within the GOP that believe that there are no issues beyond the issues that affect their fiscal well-being. They feel that we can ignore the social ramifications of abortion in an attempt to win elections.

  So let’s look at abortion from a fiscal point of view. We can also look at it from a smaller government point of view.

  Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the country’s number one abortion provider, recently released a report about its 2008-2009 activities. In this report, they report that in 2008 they preformed 324,008 abortions, a 6.1% increase over 2007 when they preformed 305,310 abortions.

  If the fact that PPFA  killed 629,318 in two years is not enough reason for you to want to end this legal form of murder, then let me relate some fiscal facts to you.

  In 2008 PPFA received $337 million from grants and contracts from local, state and federal governments. This number increase in 2009 to $350 million. And has now reached $363 million.

  Government grants accounted for 33% of PPFA’s income compared with just 28% from private donations. Income from its abortion centers accounted for 37%.

   In 1997 PPFA killed 160,000 babies and received $160 million in tax payer funding. Both the number of abortions and the amount of money received from government, supposedly to reduce the number of abortions, has more than doubled.

   Now answer me this my fiscally conservative/small government friends. Is this your idea of a fiscally conservative government? Is this the original intention of our founders as to what our republican form of government was intended to be?

   This should be common ground. This is an issue that should be easy to pull the two factions of the GOP  together. Help me defund Planned Parenthood. Yes I want to do it to at least slow the killing of babies. But tell me why fiscally conservative people wouldn’t want to do it also. Shouldn’t people who claim to want to cut the size of government and the deficit, want to take on this fight?

 Now let me say, before the PPFA defenders start in about how it is illegal for government funds to be used for abortions, and that this money is for birth control. This money goes into one pot. If they didn’t receive these funds their budget would be cut by 1/3. They could not survive.

  If the moderate/fiscal only wing of the GOP is truly willing to work with the socially conservative wing, then this is the type of issue that they must be willing to meet in the middle on. I don’t care if you help to defund PPFA because it is the right thing to do, or because you are against all subsidies. By the same token you shouldn’t care whether I want to defund them because government was never intended to serve this purpose, or whether I want to do it to stop the slaughter of babies. The end results will be the same. We will have both gotten what we want.

  This is how we come together within the party. I am already on board on the fiscal side of the battle. It is up to you to have the courage to take on what many will label a social issue, but what is clearly a drain on our fiscal well-being as well.

  I will go you one further. There is always talk about how to bring more minorities into the GOP. Again this is an issues that I believe can attract minorities.

  78% of Planned Parenthood’s abortion centers are located in minority communities. Blacks make up 12% of the population. But account for 35% of the abortions in the United States. Hispanics are the second largest.

  Planned Parenthood is an evil and racist organization. Its founder Margaret Sanger was a devout racist. She created the Negro Project designed to sterilize unknowing black women and others she deemed as undesirables of society. She once said that, ” colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated”.

 Planned Parenthood was created as a way to remove blacks and others from the world. According to the numbers, it would seem as if they are succeeding.

 I believe that if the message is delivered properly, then this is an issue that could attract minorities to the GOP. Again it will take leaders with courage and vision, to step outside what has become safe ground. Unfortunately that safe ground has not been winning elections or bringing people to the GOP.

  So I ask, will the moderates of the party come together with the more conservative wing , or will they stand silent as tax dollars are spent on such a heinous act as abortion?

  I also feel that there are many such issues out there that can be addressed as both fiscal and social. Will the moderates open their eyes, or will they force the more conservative voters within the GOP to  look elsewhere for representation?