Sussex County GOP Monthly Meeting Date Changed

    The date for the monthly meeting of the Sussex County GOP committee, has been changed. Normally the meeting is held on the second Monday of the month. In this case that would have landed it on Feb. 14th, Saint Valentines Day.

   I for one am relieved, as this is also my anniversary. I unlike some others believe that this is the reason for the change. Considering all of the dysfunctional behavior within the party, do we really want to cause trouble at home?

  The new date is February the 16th, this is a Wednesday. The time is the same,7:30pm. It will be held in the usual location, at the Sussex County Association Of Realtors building, located at the intersection of Rt.9 and Truck Rt.9 east of Georgetown. I encourage all “Sussex County” members of the GOP to be in attendance. The past two meetings have been real barn burners. Personally, I intend to be there if I have to  crawl across broken glass, on fire, carrying dynamite.

  If the current discontent is to be solved, then it will require more participation by rank and file members, not less. There are those who feel the meetings should be for committee members only. This would signal the end of the GOP in my opinion. If the rank and file are sent the message that they are not needed in the decision-making process, then they will feel they are not needed at all.

  I also encourage all who attend to be respectful and to obey the rules of order. This includes those who will be running the meeting. We can have disagreements without it turning into a free for all. This does not mean that those of us who feel the need for change, will quietly sit by, while the same old mistakes are being made over and over again.

 We have the opportunity here in Sussex to be at the fore of the conservative movement in Delaware. We can be the leaders that take back the GOP from those who have for too long, catered to the Democrats in hopes of receiving crumbs from the table. It is time for the GOP to once again have a place at the table, and in time to be the ones deciding the menu.

  I ask for all registered members of the GOP who live in Sussex to attend the meeting on Feb. 16th. Let us pack the house to the point that we cannot be denied a voice. Send the message that, if the party establishment continues to ignore our cries for change, they do so at the risk of destroying the Grand Old Party !!!


4 Responses to “Sussex County GOP Monthly Meeting Date Changed”

  1. Dan Kramer Says:

    If GOP starts to ban the rank and file from the meetings, you can take it to the bank, that a lot of voters will leave the party, maybe this is what they want to happen, if it is kiss it goodbye.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    I don’t think they realize the real potential of the TEA movement becoming an actual political party. If so the democrats will be in power for a very long time.

  3. Don Flood Says:

    Wednesday is Feb. 15. When is the meeting? Thursday?

  4. frankknotts Says:

    Don this post is from last January. The February 2012 monthly meeting is on the 13th. That is tonight Monday February 13, 2012 at 7:00pm at the senior Center in Georgetown.

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