The Word Police Are Out In Force !

  Well, well,well! It would seem as if my recent article titled,”The War Of  Their Choosing” has stirred up a bit of faux outrage from the left.

  In the article I explain the ongoing battle between the two major factions within the Delaware GOP. This would be between the more conservative right and the fiscal only left.

  I attempted to make this point by using what is known as a metaphor. For those who don’t know what that is, look it up. I used a metaphor of war and battle to describe the current state of affairs within the GOP. If anyone doubts that this was a fair comparison, they needed only to attend the last two Sussex County GOP meetings.

  In the article I mentioned the name of Ron Sams, GOP county chairman. I also said that I respected the work he has done on behalf of the GOP, though I still disagree with his handling of the last two meetings. No where in the article did I suggest or wish any harm on Mr. Sams or anyone else, nor would I. I believe Ron Sams to be an honorable man whom I happen to have political disagreements with from time to time.

  This brings me to the reason for this post. It would seem that some of the more radical leftist out there. Some from the Democrat party and some even from the Republican party have seen fit to take the opportunity of my article to attack me. They have tried to make the connection between what was clearly a metaphor and the heinous acts in Arizona. They have said that I have expressed a desire to kill Ron Sams.

  These insane charges are being allowed to be made by commentators on one of the local leftist blogs. The comments are being made on a post on this site that actually says in the title that I want to kill Ron Sams. In responding to the accusations I will not give the poster the satisfaction of naming them. I believe that they see this as a way to attract attention to their sad little site. They hope to hitch their cart to my mule.

  So they accuse  me of making sensational and provocative statements. How? By making sensational and provocative statements. The hypocrisy on the left knows no bounds. I considered going on their little site and responding. But just going there to read the comments so that I could respond intelligently left me with the need for a shower.

  These tiny minded local leftist are merely mimicking their national brethren’s agenda of stifling opposing ideas. They wish to intimidate those they oppose by connecting them with the acts of a mad man.

  Let me say that while I disagree with almost all that is said on this leftist site that I will not name, and would argue them to a stand still on political issues. I would also stand shoulder to shoulder with them to defend their right to say it. Right up to the point it becomes libelist or actually threatening.

  Some of you may have already read the post and comments on this other site and will have made your own decisions about their and my own motivations for what we have written. I believe anyone with any intellectual honesty can see the true meaning of my words in my article,”The War Of Their Choosing”. I also believe that  same person can see that the intellectually vacant pap peddlers over at the other site have gone round the bend in accusing me of inciting violence against Ron Sams or anyone.

  I would also encourage people to search my name on that site and see some of the vile things that have been said in the past about me simply because I put forth an opposing political view. You can make up your own minds.

  We protect our own rights best when we protect the rights of others. I suggest to those who would silence myself and others to tread very carefully, for someday you may find yourself being censored by the very people you are now attempting to help.

  And one last thing, if I am attracting this much attention from the left, then I must be doing something right.


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