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Sussex County GOP Monthly Meeting Date Changed

January 30, 2011

    The date for the monthly meeting of the Sussex County GOP committee, has been changed. Normally the meeting is held on the second Monday of the month. In this case that would have landed it on Feb. 14th, Saint Valentines Day.

   I for one am relieved, as this is also my anniversary. I unlike some others believe that this is the reason for the change. Considering all of the dysfunctional behavior within the party, do we really want to cause trouble at home?

  The new date is February the 16th, this is a Wednesday. The time is the same,7:30pm. It will be held in the usual location, at the Sussex County Association Of Realtors building, located at the intersection of Rt.9 and Truck Rt.9 east of Georgetown. I encourage all “Sussex County” members of the GOP to be in attendance. The past two meetings have been real barn burners. Personally, I intend to be there if I have to  crawl across broken glass, on fire, carrying dynamite.

  If the current discontent is to be solved, then it will require more participation by rank and file members, not less. There are those who feel the meetings should be for committee members only. This would signal the end of the GOP in my opinion. If the rank and file are sent the message that they are not needed in the decision-making process, then they will feel they are not needed at all.

  I also encourage all who attend to be respectful and to obey the rules of order. This includes those who will be running the meeting. We can have disagreements without it turning into a free for all. This does not mean that those of us who feel the need for change, will quietly sit by, while the same old mistakes are being made over and over again.

 We have the opportunity here in Sussex to be at the fore of the conservative movement in Delaware. We can be the leaders that take back the GOP from those who have for too long, catered to the Democrats in hopes of receiving crumbs from the table. It is time for the GOP to once again have a place at the table, and in time to be the ones deciding the menu.

  I ask for all registered members of the GOP who live in Sussex to attend the meeting on Feb. 16th. Let us pack the house to the point that we cannot be denied a voice. Send the message that, if the party establishment continues to ignore our cries for change, they do so at the risk of destroying the Grand Old Party !!!


Let’s Build A Coalition

January 19, 2011

   Well my article titled ” The War Of Their Choosing” stirred up quite a hornet’s nest of faux outrage from both the liberals and the so-called fiscal conservatives within the GOP.

  In that piece I outlined my view of the current fracture within the Delaware GOP in general and the Sussex County GOP in particular. I used metaphors that called on imagery of battles and war. Many of the most radical liberals accused me of wanting to actually kill someone.

  Many within the GOP suggested that my view of the current state of affairs was too divisive. They seem to think that all we be well within the GOP, if only we could build a coalition of the different factions within the GOP. They seem to believe that we can all just give each other big GOP hugs and forget all that has gone on in the past.

  My personal view is that there are only two factions battling (yes I dare to say battling, you intellectually vacant liberals) for control of the GOP.

  On the one side, you have those who define themselves as fiscal conservatives. They are of a mind-set that the GOP can win elections, if only we would focus on fiscal issues and nothing else. Any talk of issues that affect our society, sends them into fits of liberal like fustian.

  These fiscal only types currently hold many of the leadership positions within the Delaware GOP. They continue to tell the rank and file, that to win elections, we must stick to fiscal issues only. That to even speak of social issues is the death knell for any GOP candidate. They have been telling us this now for decades, and for decades we have slowly been slipping into the minority within the state.

  On the other side of this internal battle for control of the Delaware GOP we have people who believe in conservatism. They believe that the best way to solve the issues facing the state and the nation and yes even the world, is to apply conservative principles. I happen to be one of those who feels this way.

  I also happen to be someone who feels that we cannot turn a blind eye towards issues that affect our society. I see social issues as being equal in importance with fiscal issues. As do many people.

   When I look at this I see the problem as being due to the fact that some people believe that it is about issues. They think that if we just break it down into issues, such as fiscal issues, then we can convince people  the GOP is the best choice to solve individual issues . Then you have people like myself who believe that it is about ideology. We feel that if we apply the conservative ideology and educate people about what that means, then we can bring more people into the GOP.

   So how do we build a coalition out of these two factions? For my part, I believe in conservative solutions to fiscal problems. So I already agree with those whom I describe as fiscal only conservatives within the GOP. Common ground? I would say so.

  Now here comes the sticking point. How do we convince the fiscal only faction to apply conservative principles to solve social issues? And even before that, how do we get them to even consider social issues important enough to talk about in a public forum?

  For decades they have told the more conservative among the GOP rank and file to vote for the GOP candidate, even if the candidate didn’t exactly fit the bill on every issue. We were expected to just put aside our concerns about issues affecting society. We were told that for the good of the party we should vote for people who we had serious differences with on some very important issues for us. We were told that these candidates were fiscally conservative(in many cases this was a lie) and so they were better than the Democrat.

  Well for many years we did this. And in so doing we compromised our principles. And too often we didn’t even get fiscal conservatism from these candidates.

  Now as for my self, I have had enough. I will no longer give in. If there is any movement needed to build a coalition, it is from the fiscal faction. To build a coalition they will need to move to the right on social issues. We are not asking them to give in on fiscal issues, we share their concerns. We are asking them to help us move the state and the nation in a more traditional direction on social issues. Help us to fight against the genocidal policies on abortion. Help us protect traditional marriage. Help us fight against teen pregnancies. Help us fight for religious freedoms. Help us fight the growing crime rate. Help us fight against the animals that prey on the most innocent among us.

  We ask you to help us to elect candidates that will not only speak quietly at GOP meetings about these issues, but who will speak openly about them.

   If there is a fracture within the GOP, it is due to the leadership ignoring the growing concern of the rank and file voters about these issues. For far too long we have helped those fiscal only types, elect fiscal only type candidates. To build the coalition needed to win elections, the fiscals will have to stand with us on social issues,as we stood with them on fiscal issues. Or risk the GOP falling completely apart.

The Word Police Are Out In Force !

January 16, 2011

  Well, well,well! It would seem as if my recent article titled,”The War Of  Their Choosing” has stirred up a bit of faux outrage from the left.

  In the article I explain the ongoing battle between the two major factions within the Delaware GOP. This would be between the more conservative right and the fiscal only left.

  I attempted to make this point by using what is known as a metaphor. For those who don’t know what that is, look it up. I used a metaphor of war and battle to describe the current state of affairs within the GOP. If anyone doubts that this was a fair comparison, they needed only to attend the last two Sussex County GOP meetings.

  In the article I mentioned the name of Ron Sams, GOP county chairman. I also said that I respected the work he has done on behalf of the GOP, though I still disagree with his handling of the last two meetings. No where in the article did I suggest or wish any harm on Mr. Sams or anyone else, nor would I. I believe Ron Sams to be an honorable man whom I happen to have political disagreements with from time to time.

  This brings me to the reason for this post. It would seem that some of the more radical leftist out there. Some from the Democrat party and some even from the Republican party have seen fit to take the opportunity of my article to attack me. They have tried to make the connection between what was clearly a metaphor and the heinous acts in Arizona. They have said that I have expressed a desire to kill Ron Sams.

  These insane charges are being allowed to be made by commentators on one of the local leftist blogs. The comments are being made on a post on this site that actually says in the title that I want to kill Ron Sams. In responding to the accusations I will not give the poster the satisfaction of naming them. I believe that they see this as a way to attract attention to their sad little site. They hope to hitch their cart to my mule.

  So they accuse  me of making sensational and provocative statements. How? By making sensational and provocative statements. The hypocrisy on the left knows no bounds. I considered going on their little site and responding. But just going there to read the comments so that I could respond intelligently left me with the need for a shower.

  These tiny minded local leftist are merely mimicking their national brethren’s agenda of stifling opposing ideas. They wish to intimidate those they oppose by connecting them with the acts of a mad man.

  Let me say that while I disagree with almost all that is said on this leftist site that I will not name, and would argue them to a stand still on political issues. I would also stand shoulder to shoulder with them to defend their right to say it. Right up to the point it becomes libelist or actually threatening.

  Some of you may have already read the post and comments on this other site and will have made your own decisions about their and my own motivations for what we have written. I believe anyone with any intellectual honesty can see the true meaning of my words in my article,”The War Of Their Choosing”. I also believe that  same person can see that the intellectually vacant pap peddlers over at the other site have gone round the bend in accusing me of inciting violence against Ron Sams or anyone.

  I would also encourage people to search my name on that site and see some of the vile things that have been said in the past about me simply because I put forth an opposing political view. You can make up your own minds.

  We protect our own rights best when we protect the rights of others. I suggest to those who would silence myself and others to tread very carefully, for someday you may find yourself being censored by the very people you are now attempting to help.

  And one last thing, if I am attracting this much attention from the left, then I must be doing something right.

The War Of Their Choosing

January 15, 2011

  There is an epic battle headed our way. It will pit former allies, one against the other. It may well have the potential to tear apart one of the oldest organizations in the nation.

  This battle has been in the making for many years now. Some have tried time and time again to be the peace makers, to no avail. Recently the battle lines have been drawn more clearly than they had been in the past. In the past the factions had been seen as having little differences. Today they are seen as being worlds apart.

  Here in the state of Delaware we have seen the opening skirmishes.  I am proud to say that the “Concord and Lexington” of this war may well have been fought right here in my home county of Sussex.

  The war I speak of, is a fight for the control of the GOP. The idea that some within the party wish to radically change the direction of the GOP, back towards a more conservative message, scares the hell out of the current ruling establishment and leadership of the GOP.

  The two main factions within the party seem to be made up of those who would self describe as being fiscally conservative. This faction contends that it is wrong to include any talk or policy that relates to any social issues. When the phrase social issue is even uttered, they immediately resort to the tactics of the left by screaming about abortion and other liberal ideas.

  The other faction within the party is made up of what can only be described as a more traditional conservative message. These people wish to return to a message of smaller government and lower taxes, but are not afraid to speak out about issues that effect our society. Such as drugs, crime , teen pregnancy,unemployment, divorce and many others.

 So now the GOP faces a fight from within. It is a war of their choosing. For many years now the fiscal only faction of the GOP has told the more conservative faction to just vote for the candidate that the party leadership chooses and to be quiet about their concerns over issues affecting society. In other words, sit down,shut up and vote for who we tell you to.

 This has now ended due to the GOP primary of 2010. In this primary the rank and file members rejected the candidates chosen by the establishment. No longer will we accept the party line of,”we know best”, how to win elections.

 I was not in attendance due to my job, but at the last Sussex County GOP meeting the shot heard round the state was fired. The battle was waged. From the reports that I have heard it was not pretty. I am saddened by the behavior of committee chairman Ron Sams. First let me say that I respect the work that Mr. Sams has done. This does not change the fact that his handling of this meeting was out of line. In attempting to squash the uprising, he has added fuel to the fire.

  Those like myself within the GOP, who see ourselves as being conservative first and Republican second, have been told to go along to get along for far too long. No longer! We will either wrest control of the party from the establishment elite, or we will tear it down and start over.

 For many years we worked with and for the party. We accepted candidates that did not meet all of our concerns on some very important issues to us. Yet we voted for them anyway. Why? Because we were told that it was best for the party. Well now, as for myself, I will no longer put party first. I will choose my candidates based on my own principles, and if the GOP candidate happens to meet those, then I will support them. If not then I will oppose them.

  Those on the left within the GOP will tell you that those of us on the right within the GOP are going to destroy the party by waging this war. Well that may well be true. But in its current state, I would rather destroy it then allow it to continue to erode slowly away, into little more than a whipping boy for the Democrats.

 So when you hear some party wonk tell you that Frank Knotts and his like are destroying the GOP, remember that this is a war of their choosing. Also remember that our goal is not to destroy the GOP, but to rebuild it back to its once great level of values and principles.

What Is The Definition Of Civil ?

January 13, 2011

  What is the definition of civil, and who gets to decide that definition?

   Following in the wake of the tragic events of this past week in Arizona, there has been a lot of finger-pointing about what might have been the cause.

   First let me say that my prayers go out to all who have been touched either directly or indirectly by the actions of one seriously deranged individual.

  That being said, it would seem as if there are some within the political world who have sought to make gains from attaching blame to their political opponents for the actions of the killer.

  Immediately after the first reports came in about the shootings, many on the left started labeling the shooter as being a TEA party type. Some went as far as to connect the heinous act to former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. These stories were put forth long before any facts about the gunman, or his reasons for the shootings were known. This was clearly done to get out in front with the story line, so as to convince as many people as possible, that the gunman was some sort of right-wing radical. This has proven to be false. What we now know is that this is nothing more than the murderous actions of a young man with serious mental issues.

  And yet we are still witnessing some on the left attempting to make use of the tragedy. Including Pres. Obama. Last night the President spoke at a memorial service for the victims of this terrible event. In general, I have no problem with the President speaking at this memorial. It is not unusual for presidents to speak to the nation, and to express the nation’s feeling about such events.

  What I do have a problem with, is the President taking the opportunity of this tragedy, to set forth an agenda. During his remarks, the President called on the nation to strive to move forward in our political debates in a more civil manner. In doing this, the President once again attempted to attach blame for this tragedy to something other than the fact that the killer is a sick individual. The President in calling for a more civil debate, is stating that he believes that the killer was either motivated or inspired by the ongoing political debate in the country. Like many others on the left, it would seem as if the President was saying that this event was caused by either the TEA party, talk radio, or some other radical right-wing entity.

 So, what is the definition of “CIVIL”, in respect to our political discussions?

  Who gets to decide who is, and what is civil? The President? Maybe a “Civil Discourse Czar”.  We have already heard proposals that words like targeting should be a crime when used in relation to a federal official. Even when clearly speaking only about removing said official from office.

  Where would this censorship end? First we eliminate the word target. What about the words battle, fight, eliminate, take them out and any number of other words and phrases, that taken out of context, could be seen as being some sort of call for violence.

  The man who shot Rep. Gifford and the other victims was not inspired to do so by talk radio or Sarah Palin, he was not motivated to kill because he feels that the country is headed in the wrong direction. This was not a politically motivated action. This was the act of a person who listened to the inner demon within his own heart. He wanted to kill for whatever reason his demented mind had created. If it had not been Rep. Gifford, or the nine-year old little girl or the other victims, then it would have been others at another time. This man was on a course of destruction, not because he wanted the nation to return to its founding principles, but because he is sick.

  For anyone on either side of the political aisle, including the President, to use this event for any sort of political gain is beyond disgusting, it is morally vacant.