It’s All About The Accusation

   Well by now everyone is up to speed on the latest attempt by the Wilmington News Journal and those who hold their leash, to once again cast doubt and suspicion on the campaign of Christine O’Donnell.

  The latest tactic is to put out a story that is full of nothing more than claims by un-named sources. Well if you can’t trust an un-named source, who can you trust?

   The article claims that there is currently a FBI investigation of the campaign finances of the former candidate for the U.S. Senate seat from Delaware. Of course the FBI won’t confirm nor deny such an investigation is on going. How convenient for the WNJ.

  Ms. O’Donnell has responded by saying that if there is an investigation into her campaign finances, that it is very likely being driven by her former political opponents. This would include our current Vice President Joe Biden, who Ms. O’Donnell ran against in 2008. It would also include out going U.S. Representative Mike Castle, who Ms. O’Donnell defeated in the Delaware GOP primary in 2010.

  It is well-known, that here in Delaware, there is often little difference between the Democrat party and the so-called moderate (i.e. liberal) wing of the Delaware GOP. It is not hard to believe that both would have reason to wish Ms. O’Donnell political harm. And while there may or may not be a coordinated effort between the two establishment groups, they would seem to share the same goal. That is, to see to it that Ms. O’Donnell has no political future.

  While you would expect the democrats to act this way, after all they are our political opponents, you would not expect those who call themselves Republicans to do this to their own. But really would anyone be surprised to find Mike Castle or Tom Ross’s finger prints on this story? Just think back to the things Mr. Ross said about Ms. O’Donnell even after she was the GOP nominee. And of course we can’t forget how Mike Castle acted after losing the primary. He didn’t even call Ms. O’Donnell to congratulate her and he never gave her his endorsement.

  But let us face it, the real point of the WNJ’s on going attacks against Ms. O’Donnell along with any investigations that may have been brought about due to political pressure from the Vice President is not to find any wrong doing, that most likely never happened. The real point of these tactics is to make the accusations. Much in the same way that the mainstream media and the mainstream political parties attacked Sarah Palin, it is all about the accusation. I believe, like Gov. Palin, these charges against Ms. O’Donnell will most likely be found to be groundless.

 The idea here is not to find that Ms. O’Donnell did anything wrong, it is only to plant the idea that she did, in the minds of the voters and supporters. The WNJ has screamed the accusation from the top of the front page of their toilet paper rag. One need not imagine that when Ms. O’Donnell is vindicated, that story will be buried in some three-line paragraph in the obituaries section.

  After all,  it’s all about the accusation, right?


5 Responses to “It’s All About The Accusation”

  1. Bill Says:

    First off,Happy New Year ,Frank to you and your family!
    Yes,unfortunately, we’ve all heard from the Wilmington Daily Daily Democrat (Bill Colley calls it that) about this “witch hunt” and PLEASE excuse the pun but that’s what it is.
    Don’t these people have better things to do than smear a good person? Has politics fallen to this level? And if so,does that mean our elected officials have all this time to ruin (or attempt to anyway) good people such as Christine O’Donnell?
    I guess the “media” forgot to mention that Jumpin’ Joe Biden paid $219,000 in fines for campaign irregularities.
    Go figure!

  2. Dan Kramer Says:

    I sure hope you all have a Blessed New Year. Now I would like to put in my 2 cents worth. My thinking is you have got to remember, that Mike Castle is for a one world government, and along comes pretty little Miss Christine O”Donnell and threw a monkey wrench into his agenda, he and his peon”s got bent out of shape. And now they are out to get her, anyway they can. This, has been my opinion all along, for whatever it”s worth. You all have a good day.

  3. Bill Says:

    Thanks,Dan! Back at ya! How dare someone come in and try to unseat one of these entrenched politicians! (sarcasm!)
    The GOOD will always prevail…..

  4. frankknotts Says:

    Happy New Year to everyone. I still say that while there is definately a personal aspect to this, the bigger picture is that they see Christine as the poster child for the conservative movement in Delaware. She was able to pull together the GOP voters enough to unseat Mike Castle. This scares the hell out of not just the Democrats but also the liberal wing of the state GOP. They see her as a threat, not just as an individual candidate, but as a lightning rod to weld the conservatives together and to move the Delaware GOP further to the right. Where it belongs. The psuedo conservatives that run the GOP currently fear for their political power if people like Christine O’Donnell gain power within the party. They will stop at nothing.

  5. Dan Kramer Says:

    I don”t think there are any conservatives running the GOP, if there had been true conservatives in control at the top, the GOP wouldn”t be where it is today. Mike Castle would have been gone long ago. My opinion is the leadership of GOP kept making deals with the Dem-o-Rates, that they would only run a token candidate, so Mike Castle could stay in power. Nobody had the GUTS to go up against Mike Castle, till Christine O”Donnell came along and took him on and beat the carp out of him. Thank GOD for Christine.

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