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It’s All About The Accusation

December 31, 2010

   Well by now everyone is up to speed on the latest attempt by the Wilmington News Journal and those who hold their leash, to once again cast doubt and suspicion on the campaign of Christine O’Donnell.

  The latest tactic is to put out a story that is full of nothing more than claims by un-named sources. Well if you can’t trust an un-named source, who can you trust?

   The article claims that there is currently a FBI investigation of the campaign finances of the former candidate for the U.S. Senate seat from Delaware. Of course the FBI won’t confirm nor deny such an investigation is on going. How convenient for the WNJ.

  Ms. O’Donnell has responded by saying that if there is an investigation into her campaign finances, that it is very likely being driven by her former political opponents. This would include our current Vice President Joe Biden, who Ms. O’Donnell ran against in 2008. It would also include out going U.S. Representative Mike Castle, who Ms. O’Donnell defeated in the Delaware GOP primary in 2010.

  It is well-known, that here in Delaware, there is often little difference between the Democrat party and the so-called moderate (i.e. liberal) wing of the Delaware GOP. It is not hard to believe that both would have reason to wish Ms. O’Donnell political harm. And while there may or may not be a coordinated effort between the two establishment groups, they would seem to share the same goal. That is, to see to it that Ms. O’Donnell has no political future.

  While you would expect the democrats to act this way, after all they are our political opponents, you would not expect those who call themselves Republicans to do this to their own. But really would anyone be surprised to find Mike Castle or Tom Ross’s finger prints on this story? Just think back to the things Mr. Ross said about Ms. O’Donnell even after she was the GOP nominee. And of course we can’t forget how Mike Castle acted after losing the primary. He didn’t even call Ms. O’Donnell to congratulate her and he never gave her his endorsement.

  But let us face it, the real point of the WNJ’s on going attacks against Ms. O’Donnell along with any investigations that may have been brought about due to political pressure from the Vice President is not to find any wrong doing, that most likely never happened. The real point of these tactics is to make the accusations. Much in the same way that the mainstream media and the mainstream political parties attacked Sarah Palin, it is all about the accusation. I believe, like Gov. Palin, these charges against Ms. O’Donnell will most likely be found to be groundless.

 The idea here is not to find that Ms. O’Donnell did anything wrong, it is only to plant the idea that she did, in the minds of the voters and supporters. The WNJ has screamed the accusation from the top of the front page of their toilet paper rag. One need not imagine that when Ms. O’Donnell is vindicated, that story will be buried in some three-line paragraph in the obituaries section.

  After all,  it’s all about the accusation, right?


To All Of Those Who Actually Care

December 16, 2010

  I apologize to all of those readers who actually care whether I post articles or not. I have not posted any new articles in quite some time. This is due to the fact that this is not a paying position.

  My paying job is delivering home heating fuel. As you can guess, with this unexpected and extended cold, my job has been very busy. Add in the fact that it is the holiday season and well, it just hasn’t left much time for my second life as a blogger.

 I hope to carve out some time in the near future to get back to it. I hope those who actually look forward to reading my articles will be patient. And for those who wish I would never write another one, well, don’t count on it.

 Be talking to you soon. And may you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Framework For A Deal

December 6, 2010

 Pres. Obama just held a press conference to announce that he and congress have put together a framework for a deal on the tax cuts set to expire on Dec. 31st.

  It would seem as if the Republicans will come out ahead on this deal. It calls for a two-year extension of the Bush tax cuts. In exchange the President has announced that in return the Republicans will compromise on extending unemployment benefits for another thirteen months.  This of course allows the Republicans to take credit for those extension as well as for retaining the tax cuts for another two years. He also announced a 2% reduction of payroll tax.

  The President has said that in this framework for a deal, all of the tax cuts would be extended , including  those for the “RICHEST” among us. Though the President did state that he did not approve  of this.

 We can only assume that the deal also included allowing the President the first shot at the press.

 It would seem as if the President just blinked. After holding sway over congress for his first two years in office, this may be this first real defeat. We can only hope that this is only the beginning of things to come next year when the Republicans assume control of the House and exercise more control of the Senate.

  We may be seeing the leading edge of turning this country around and away from the leftist march that Pres. Obama has been leading us on. Of course like everything that comes out of D.C. we will have to wait and see what the final product looks like.

China’s Golden Dragon

December 4, 2010

  Is anyone noticing that China is buying up huge amounts of the world’s gold?

  In 2010 China has imported 209 metric tons of gold. This is a five hundred percent increase over last year. This does not include the gold that China mines every year, currently China is the number one producer of gold in the world.

  With gold and silver prices reaching record levels, this move is seen as a way for China to protect itself against a massive devaluation of the dollar. The World Gold Council estimates that China’s demand for gold could double in ten years.

  The United States should be extremely concerned about this. Not only does China hold an enormous amount of U.S. debt, but China is now sand bagging against a devaluation of the dollar. It would seem to some that China may actually be positioning itself to create the chaos that it ia protecting itself from.

 There is the real possibility that China could call in some or all of its markers that it holds on the U.S.. What would the U.S. response be to this? Well really, what could the U.S. do? We have allowed ourselves to descend into this situation due to our reckless spending .

  I guess that the U.S. could try to sell its debt around the world, but who other than China could afford it? We could print more money, but either of these would have the effect of devaluing the dollar.

 The first effect of a devalued dollar would most likely be oil prices soaring out of sight, since oil is traded in dollars. This coupled with other economic backlash would send the world’s economy into a downward spiral. Who would the world turn to? Well there was a time when the U.S. would have been the light of reason and reliability. Those days are gone for now. We have allowed our leaders to position us on the world economic stage as little more than a beggar with a bowl.

 So if the dollar does crash, who will be left standing to pick up the pieces? Well it seems as if China is preparing to weather the storm. And let us not forget that the communist model for victory is to divide and conquer. The Chinese have been buying up U.S. debt, this puts us at their beck and call. Now the Chinese are buying up gold, this could allow them to survive a world economic crash. They have been using their new-found wealth to build up their military, this gives them the force to impose their will on anyone who would dare to challenge them.

  The U.S. government has been asleep at the wheel for far too long. While we have been focussed on health care plans, the Chinese have been moving the pieces around on the board. And would anyone really be surprised that it is China who is behind  N. Korea’s aggression in  recent days? It would not be the first time that China had used N. Korea in a proxy war. All the while we are hearing from the Obama administration that they are working with China to end the conflict.

  The question must be asked. When it comes to China, is the U.S. blind or stupid?

Hey ! It’s Only 25 Cents, Right ?

December 1, 2010

   Over the years, as the United States has been slipping further and further down the slippery slope of deficit spending. And also while we were racking up debt at an unbelievable rate, there has been much talk about how to get it under control.

  Of course many conservatives such as myself believe, the first step is to stop electing liberal Democrats and Republicans.

  Any discussion about the economy, debt, and deficit spending, will end up coming around to taxes. Should we cut taxes and spending as most conservative will tell you. In doing so we allow the people to keep more of their money and spend it, and in so doing actually stimulate the economy. This would then raise tax revenues. But due to the historic level of debt and deficit, we would have to cut spending in order to allow the economy and the government machine to find its level.

  Now on the other side of the discussion you have the liberal mind-set that you can keep spending tax dollars to stimulate the economy, while raising taxes to balance the budget. Doesn’t work, never will. As the government steals the money from the pockets of the working people, there is less money for the people to spend within the economy. Also as the working people are taxed to the point of personal failure, the tax burden actually creates more people who become dependent on the government. This increases the amount of government spending. This is what creates the huge deficit. When this happens the liberal will not decide to spend less, oh no! What the liberal will do is either print more money or borrow on the world market. But always the liberal will demand that we spend more.

 Printing more money only devalues the dollar. Borrowing, as we have seen only makes us beholden to countries that do not have our best interest at heart, such as China.

  Let me say that I don’t believe that Democrats and liberals are stupid. I do think they are wrong in their approach on how to solve our economic troubles. The tax and spend will not work. Borrowing from countries such as China has put us at risk of complete failure.

 Yet we are still seeing Democrats and liberals trying to convince us that if we just raise the taxes a little more we can pull ourselves out of this mess. Think of yourself standing at the bottom of a pool in concrete shoes. Now think of someone trying to convince you, that if they just put a little more water in the pool, then you will float to the top. Just hold your breath until you do.

  That seems to be the perception that Delaware’s senior Senator, Tom Carper has. He seems to think that if we raise the fuel tax twenty-five cents, that we can suddenly solve the problems we are having in maintaining and repairing our roads and infrastructure. But let’s look at the bigger picture. What will that twenty fiver cents really end up being?

 I believe that any additional energy tax, be it on gasoline or the production of electricity, will be nothing but a hidden value added tax or VAT. The idea of a VAT has been tried and failed in Europe. The VAT is a tax that is imposed upon every step in producing a product, be it a car or a pencil. Each step of production has another tax levied. The lead for the pencil is sold to the pencil factory and is taxed. The rubber for the eraser is taxed, the wood for the barrel is taxed. The finished product is taxed. And all of this tax is included within the price of the pencil.

 Now let us look at Mr. Carper’s idea of a twenty-five cent increase on the fuel tax. Every business that hauls their product on the highways will pay this tax. When the company that hauls the lead for the pencil buys fuel, they will pay the tax. When the company that hauls the rubber for the eraser buys fuel, they will pay the tax. The company hauling the wood for the barrel of the pencil, buying fuel, will pay this tax. All of these companies will pass along the increase in fuel cost to the company producing the pencils. This company will then pass along the increase to the consumer, and don’t forget that the company selling the pencils will pay the higher fuel tax, the stores that buy in large quantity and then ship to their individual store will pay the higher tax also. Again all of this will be passed onto the consumer.

 In the end what is being sold as just a twenty-five cent fuel tax increase, will end up being a hidden sales tax. Every product produced and transported will incur a higher cost of production and transportation, and like all taxes and cost of doing business, it is the consumer that ends up paying the tax. 

  So when you hear Sen. Carper and I’m sure Sen. Coons saying that it’s just twenty-five cents and won’t add up to all that much when you fill your cars. Remember, you won’t just be paying it when you fill your cars. You will be paying it when you buy your food, when you buy your TVs, when you buy your clothes and yes when you buy your pencils.

  But hey! Its only twenty-five cents, right?