Harry Reid’s Dream

 Sen. Harry Reid (D Nev.), Senate Majority Leader, has announced that he will be pushing for a test vote in the Senate for the so-called “DREAM ACT”. This is a bill that many see as little more than amnesty for illegal immigrants.

  Others see it as a pay back to the hispanic community that helped re-elect him to the Senate. Of course the Service Employees International Union is in favor of this legislation, since their ranks are filled by many illegals.

  The so-called “Dream Act” is a bill that would create a path to citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants that came to the country before the age of sixteen. Estimates put the number of potential beneficiaries around 100,000.

  The act would require that the children would have to attend college or serve in the military.

  My first response to this is that if the parents are illegal then so are the children. Fruit of the poison tree. These children should not be moved to the front of the line just because their parents were able to successfully enter the country illegally. This is rewarding an illegal act. It sends a very bad message to those still trying to get in by legal methods. It says to them, don’t bother, just hire a coyote and sneak in. It is also an insult to all of the immigrants over the years that did come here legally.

 Let us also think about these two requirements in the dream act to obtain legal status. The first being that they attend college. Who will be paying for it? Will their hard-working parents? Maybe in some cases. But in many cases we will most likely be subsidizing these college careers through student loans and grants. So, we the American citizens, who work and pay taxes,who live our lives by the law of the land, will be paying to educate the children of illegal immigrants and in so doing, we will also be enabling them to become legal residents.

 This somehow seems again like rewarding illegal behavior.

  Now this second method of bestowing residency upon these illegal immigrant children, while on the surface may seem like a good thing, gives me pause. What are we risking if we allow the children of illegal immigrants to achieve legal residency by enlisting in our military?

 We may suddenly see the ranks of our military swelled. But what type of military will we then have? We will have a military filled with people whose only motivation for being in the military may be to gain citizenship, not to serve the nation. We may have a military that is no longer loyal to the United States of America.

  The problem is, that suddenly, we would have a large number of people entering the military with similar cultural backgrounds, that were not of this nation. We may find our military resembling that of  a South American nation, rather than that of the USA.

 These types of short cut paths to citizenship will never be acceptable to the majority of Americans. We will demand that the borders first be secured. Then we will deal with the illegals already here. We must start with the criminal element. When arrested, illegals must be deported. We must make it more and more costly for  employers to hire illegals. We should also punish unions that harbor illegals within their rank and file.

 The one thing we must not do, is  reward an illegal act. We must not bestow citizenship upon these people simply because they were able to sneak across our borders. We cannot allow politicians such as Harry Reid and Chris Coons to pay back their campaign donors, such as the SEIU, by pandering to the illegal immigrants.

  Protecting our sovereignty must be our number one priority. Allowing illegals to attain citizenship after breaking our laws only weakens our laws. This is a security issue as well as a fiscal issue. The burden these invaders have put upon our education, law enforcement, health care and job market is substantial.

 Our nation has been built with the blood sweat and tears of immigrants. Some of our greatest achievements have been due to the hard work and intelligence of our immigrant citizens. We owe many debts of gratitude to immigrants. But this does not mitigate the fact  that our nation is currently under attack from people who think that they have some God-given right to walk into this nation and to take on the mantle of citizenship. Some come wanting only a better life for themselves and their families. For these there is a legal path, take it. Some come here to earn money and then return to their home country. For these there are also legal ways to do this. For those who would come here only to commit crimes, well we have no need for you.

  Our first and greatest obligation is to the natural-born citizens of the United States of America, the end.

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