Giving Thanks

 I will make this short. Not something I am known for mind you.

 I would like to give thanks for all of God’s blessings. God has truly blessed me. I have a wife and daughter that are the center of my world. I have been able to provide for them a life that has been sometimes happy, but like everyone, sometimes trying. We enjoy the happy times and work together to get through the trying times. We pray that the trying times never have the effect of driving us apart.

  My life has had different stages. As a young man I was troubled and was easily led astray. As a young adult I met and married the calming influence in my life. It was truly a gift from God the day I married my wife. We were then blessed with a child that any parent would be proud of,  and we are, as we watch as she now grows into a young woman with goals of her own. Now as a mature man(some might say middle-aged) I have seen that it is important to look outside ones self. I have learned that we must be willing to give back that which we have received. I now attempt to do this.

  I am thankful for being born and growing old in what I believe to be the freest land in the world. The nation, like myself has had many stages. We have been young and idealistic. We have been strong, we have had trying times. Through all we have prayed that the trying times would not drive us apart. This has not always been true. But with God’s will we will survive.

  My Thanksgiving day prayer is that all people around the world will turn their eyes to God and allow them to be opened. Let us for at least one day put aside our political differences. Let us see the true meaning of giving thanks. Not for material things, but for those things that will lead us to a more meaningful existence. Some of the richest people this day may go without food, they may be living on the street. They may be wearing clothes that are years out of style. Their cars may be rusty, their homes in disrepair. But those who have God in their hearts are the rich among us.

 May God bless all people around this world that he created. My we find the happiness that his love can provide. May God bless all of you and your families, and may God keep you and your loved ones safe .


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