Chris Coons: I’m Not A Liberal

Monday, 22 Nov 2010 02:25 PM
  Liberal Democrats jumped for joy when Democrat Chris Coons won the Delaware Senate race this month, defeating Republican Christine O’Donnell. But they may want to cool it a bit – he’s not one of them, The Hill reports. In coons,not,liberal,odonnell,delawarean interview with the news service, he says his victory over tea-party-backed O’Donnell reflects the “reasonable, balanced, centrist” nature of Delaware voters.

During the campaign, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid almost blew it for his fellow Democrat. In a September interview with The Hill, Reid lavished praise on Coons, twice calling him “my pet.” O’Donnell’s campaign made hay out of that.

As for Coons, “My gut reaction was that, I’m nobody’s ‘pet,’ and I’m somebody who’s dedicated to working tirelessly for Delaware and Delaware’s interests,” he says.

  I pulled this off of .  Me thinks he dost protest too much!

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