Flexible Spending Accounts

   Anyone out there have a flexible spending account through their employer? This is an account that an employee can save pre-tax dollars from their wages into, to be used for unforeseen medical emergencies that their health insurance doesn’t cover. The money can also be used to purchase over the counter drugs like ibuprofen and hay fever medicine. The money can also be used to pay co-pays and deductibles.

  Well the money can at least for now be used for these things. Starting next year you’ll need a prescription to use the money from the FSA’s for over the counter drugs. This is part of the new health care law, otherwise known as Obama care.

 Let me reiterate, this is your money. It is an account that lets you set aside money through your employer. Granted one thing that I have never cared for with these types of accounts is the fact that, if the money is not used within the year, you lose it. I think their should have been a maximum amount to be held and allowed to roll over, and if used, again be allowed to contribute up to the maximum.  The fact that the accounts have been, a use it or lose it game has led people to stock up at the end of the year on the over the counter drugs that they use on a regular basis. It is unclear whether they will be eligible  for reimbursement under the new law if they attempt this next year.

 Another change that is coming in 2013 effecting the FSA’s will be a cap on the maximum amount that an employee can set aside. It will be lowered to $2,500, while most employers currently allow a $5,000 maximum.

 These two changes are clearly intended to take control away from the individual as how to spend their own money and also a restriction on the individuals decision-making process. No longer can a person decide that all they need is ibuprofen for their arthritis, they must first see a doctor to get a prescription. They can no longer set aside money to be used as they see fit. No, now the government will restrict the amount and how it is to be used.

 This is exactly the type of government intrusion that many conservatives saw coming from the Obama care agenda. We spoke of government getting between you and your doctor. These changes to the FSA’s is just the first step on a path of moving you from private coverage, to having no choice but a government plan.

 The money in the account is yours, but you can’t use it as you see fit. It is your body that you want to put the over the counter drugs into, but you can’t unless you pay the doctor first. These are what should be personal choices, but the Obama administration and the Democrats think they know better than you do how best to spend your money and what is best for your health care needs.

 I feel this is but the leading edge of some very draconian regulations that are headed our way. The whole point of Obama care is to drive every citizen into national health care coverage. They will do this through these types of regulations on what has been a private system. By restricting the amount of money a private citizen can put aside and also restricting how it can be used, the government will effectively drive people away from using these private accounts. I would not be surprised in the future to find out that the new health care law allows the government to actually takeover the accounts and use the money as a national health care account.

 I would suggest that if you have one of these FSA, that you use up all of the money in them this year and then opt out. Put the money in the bank in a high interest savings account, or put it in mason jars in the back yard. You will lose the pre tax exemption, but you will still have the ability to use the money as you see fit. At least for now.

 People, we are in for some very tough times. As this leftist leaning government continues to attempt to force us into a socialist society through enticements, such as extended un-employment and welfare. Through a national health care system and any number of other government-run and funded programs, as the government continues to rob us through the tax system to pay for these unneeded programs, the government will become more and more desperate to force those who wish not to participate, to be bullied into participation.

 We could be looking in the near future at having our 401Ks taken over and distributed to people around the nation to bolster social security. Once the step of taking over these FSA, private money mind you, has been taken, how far-fetched is it to think that the government would and will begin taking private property of all kinds to prop up a socialist agenda that can’t sustain itself?

 This is why this past election was so important. We here in Delaware got it wrong. But we have the up-coming election in 2012 to make it right. We must work here in Delaware to remove Senator Tom Carper and  Pres. Obama and newly elected Rep. Carney from office. We must work on the local level to elect people who understand that it is the rights of the individual that must be protected, if we are to protect the rights of the many.


2 Responses to “Flexible Spending Accounts”

  1. Pam Says:

    Another stupid decision from the idiot team of obama and pelosi. Don’t know which one is worse. These two are the worst thing to happen to our nation ever. They are control freaks, just freaks in general, who want to control our every thought process, decisions and lives. I have always thought obama is the worst thing to happen to America. Now it is coming out in every aspect of American lives. I don’t usually comment, but this tag team inspires me to. I do not acknowledge him as my president and will never refer to him with that title. In only two years he is cxausung havoc. He reminds me of the scarecrow in Wizard of Oz, if I only had a brain.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    But how do you really feel Pam? You are correct about the desire to control every aspect of our lives. And Obama care actually gives them the tool by which to do just that. This is why it is so important for the upcoming congress to defund Obama care.

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