Is The Party Over?

  In the early days of the founding of this nation there were no political parties. Many of our Founding Fathers believed them to be dangerous to the Republic and warned against organizing them.

  After watching what has been going on in this nation and my home state of Delaware recently, I’d have to say I can see their point perfectly. Party politics has degenerated into little more than street gangs. We watch as they vie for control of imaginary turf. They use any and all tactics to defeat their opponents. And if a member is thought to be an outsider, then they are brutalized.

  Within the parties the fight for control can be just as nasty, if not worse. We are witnessing such a battle right here in Delaware for control of the GOP state committee chairmanship.

  With all of the in-fighting among the party members, what can be the future of not only the GOP, but the political party system in general? Can a system that is based on maligning those who you oppose and even those whom you should be working with, survive?

 Let’s look at the current trend within the GOP. I choose the GOP for obvious reasons. First I am a member of this street gang and because we are currently the party fighting to regain power, we are the party in the most upheaval.

  We are seeing a trend in the GOP of a more conservative movement on the part of the rank and file, while at the same time we are seeing the current party establishment trying desperately to retain their hold on power. Think of it as two of the earth’s plates pushing against each other. So what is happening is, that as the GOP establishment pushes back against the rank and file we have disunity within the party.

 This pushing and pulling can have a positive effect, by rebuilding the party in the image of the voters. If the party does not reflect the will of the voters, then the voters will not support the party, simple as that. Now when I say they will not support the party I do not mean just at the ballot box, they will not support the party financially either. We are already seeing a trend in campaign donations. Donations in general are down by the average citizens, this can be explained by the economy to a degree. Also donations to the party are down, again the economy may have something to do with this. I happen to believe that more people are like myself donating directly to the candidates that they support. Or they are contributing to organizations such as the TEA Party Express and allowing them to funnel the money to candidates. Either way the GOP is losing the one thing that has allowed them to control the outcome of internal fights for so long, control of the purse strings.

  Couple this with the move of many voters changing their affiliation to independent and we could be on the leading edge of the GOP’s final decline.  The Democrats may not be currently in quite the same shape due to the fact that their party is still in a position of power to a larger degree. But the same can and will happen if they continue to ignore the will of their voters. I use the pushing through of Obama care as an example. 70% of Americans opposed it, you would have to think a large number of those were Democrats.

  So what purpose does a political party serve? Well those who have long been in the organization will tell you that you can’t get elected without the party organization. Is this because individual candidates can’t reach out on their own to the citizens, or is it because the political parties have stacked the deck against rogue candidates? I believe the latter is true. The leadership within the parties, so as to hold onto their power, manipulate the system by holding back endorsements and money from candidates that they see as a threat to that power. They have been more interested in holding their personal power within the party, than they have been with the good of the state or the nation. 

  This is exactly the behavior that is leading to people not donating to the party, and what lead, here in Delaware, to the two-party endorsed candidates for national office being voted out in the GOP primary. It is this disconnect of party leadership that will be their downfall. The question then is, will it also be the downfall of the GOP locally and maybe nationally?

  So, is the party over? I don’t believe it has to be. I believe the Delaware GOP can be resurrected. I believe it can be the organizational arm of the conservative movement. But to do so it must be staffed in leadership positions with people who will recognize and respect the will of the rank and file. It will require that more people get involved at the grassroots level and to bring more and more like-minded people into the party. It will require people to become involved as much as their live will allow, by showing up at local party meetings. By talking to their neighbors and friends. And by not standing by when party leadership steps out of line. Party unity is a two-way street. If the leadership expects the rank and file voters to be loyal to the party, then the leadership must be loyal to the will of the voters.

 We must never lose sight of the fact that the real leadership within a party is and must be the voters, for without them the party is nothing.


2 Responses to “Is The Party Over?”

  1. Judy Says:

    “Of the People, By the People, For the People”!!!!!!!! Were you thinking of me when you wrote your blog Frank? Or were you thinking of my quote? And I truly believe that the Tea Party will be a big influence on future politics. Somebody has to do something to stop Washington’s “Organized Crime” tactics or we as a nation are doomed. If we aren’t already.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Judy, the TEA party can have an effect on outcomes, but it is not a political party. And I don’t think it ever could be. The TEA party is best used as a bludgeon to move the GOP. The real change will come only when the people become involved. We must be the change we expect, to paraphrase our current president. The TEA movement is a reflection of the discontent in the nation. But currently has no actual infrastructure to effect change. It is still the GOP that is our best hope for conservative values to be once again the values of the nation. But the GOP must be populated with people who want those values to be the driving force within the GOP.

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