Sussex County GOP Meeting (Or The Shot Heard Around Delaware)

  Well I went to the monthly Sussex County GOP meeting tonight. I have been going now for a little over a year. Tonight was different.

  What should have been a post-election celebration for those GOP candidates who won, like Cindy Green (Register of Wills) and Scott Daley( Recorder of Deeds), or maybe just a coming together for those who were unsuccessful such as Glen Urquhart and Christine O’Donnell.

 Instead it ended up being a defining moment. One that may have lasting effects on the state GOP.

  Sussex County GOP committeeman Don Ayotte put forth a resolution to censure state committee chairman Tom Ross. The complete resolution was as follows:

    ” Mr. Chairman,

         I make a motion to censure State GOP Chairman, Tom Ross for making inappropriate statements and failing to immediately endorse and fully support a lawfully elected republican candidate for the US Senate. Inappropriate statements include, ” she couldn’t be elected dog catcher,” when speaking about US Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell. Tom Ross fails to represent the will of the rank and file republicans in Delaware.”

    The ensuing, debate was lively at times and passionate. There were those in the meeting that were in favor of the censure motion and those who felt it was ill-timed.

  For my part, I felt the motion was too narrow in identifying Mr. Ross’ statements about Ms. O’Donnell. I felt that a motion to voice a vote of no confidence would have been more appropriate. To state that the rank and file GOP voters no longer feel confident that Mr. Ross understands, respects or is likely to represent the will of the Delaware GOP voters as Committee Chairman.

  Much of the discussion was about whether or not the committee could vote on the resolution and whether or not they had a quorum. The discussion went back and forth and finally a vote was taken of the room. Of the over one hundred people in attendance I would say 95% were in favor of the censure motion.

  I have to say that I don’t feel that much will come from the motion directly. But what it should do is to serve as notice to Mr. Ross and the state committee that they are short timers.

  Some may see this as division among the GOP. I see it as a coming together of conservatives.

 And in closing let me point out one thing that did happen, that gives me pause. Among the Tom Ross apologist in the room there was one woman who was very vocal. She was also taping the meeting with a digital camera. Let me say as an O’Donnell supporter who witnessed this tracker style of intimidation. A tactic used by the Castle campaign and the Coons campaign.  A tactic reminiscent of “Big Brother”. I find it despicable, that this so-called Republican would use these strong-arm tactics against fellow members of the GOP. And while I know her name oh so well I won’t release it here, but I can guarantee that I will tell every Republican that I speak with, the type of tactics that those who support Tom Ross as State Committee Chairman are willing to use.


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  1. Independent Says:

    Seems like Cannibalism in the GOP ranks to me.

    Would they make the same resolution against Carl Rove? perhaps against Sarah Palin since she did not come to Delaware to campaign for her?

    The problem is that our small state had no ability to reach consensus between the north and the south. Don’t blame Tom Ross for saying what the majority of Registered Republicans felt.

    And before the ridiculousness starts that she was chosen in the primary- look at the turn-out. It was not the voice of the majority of republicans.

    For my part, I’ve left the party now and look at things differently. perhaps those in the Rep. Party should take a new look to reach compromise and find a candidate that all Republicans can support?

  2. Scott Says:

    Hey Indi, I agree with you. Anyone with your point of view should get the hell out of the Republican Party. I’m glad you did. I hope Tom Ross joins you!

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Independent, it’s not canibalism, it is a power struggle for the direction of the GOP. Some of us choose to stay and fight for what we believe in. Others like yourself choose to give up. I said in my post that some would see this as division, when it is really a coming together of conservatives. Of course the so called moderates within the GOP who have held power for far too long because of Mike Castle see it as a loss of their power. For years the more conservative faction within the GOP was told to be quiet and vote for the moderate candidates. And in doing that, we have become a minority party in the state of Delaware. Well, we of a more conservative view now say that it’s time we try it our way. The past election cycle was but the first step back towards the right. Reshaping the party leadership will be the next.

    Scott, take it easey on our independent friends, you know as well as I do that there were some who were fully behind not only Christine but other conservative candidates. This Independent may just be disillusioned with the way things have been, but will come to see the power of a true conservative message and party. Good to hear from you man.

  4. Judy Says:

    Okay, okay…I have to add my two cents here. Short and sweet. I will remind everyone that I too am an Independent….well, according to my registration card, I am “Unaffiliated”. I have been an Independent all my voting years and always will be!!! Disallusioned, no. Disgusted, yes!! The “Cowboy and Indian” mentality of the Democrats and Republicans is my point. Now you have it within the one party. Insults, baraging remarks, lies, harrassment….I could go on and on. You guys are the ones chosing who wins in our Primaries?!! Come on!!! Maybe it is time to have Open Primaries since us “Unaffiliated’s” are subjected to your choices!! Tom Ross is an embarrassment to the GOP!! Mike Caste is an embarrassment to the Republican party!!! All I can do is picture both of them in a corner with a pacifier and a blankee huddled in a fetal position!!! As Christine said, “put your big boy pants on” and I will add to that statement, GROW A PAIR!! Exactly why I am and always will be an Independent!! And “Indy”…the REPUBLICAN people spoke when they voted for her in the Primary and she WON!! So, I guess it was the voice of the majority!! UGH!! What is this world coming to???!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. frankknotts Says:

    Judy, first of all that was way more than two cents worth :). But you actually made a point as to why you should join the GOP. You tout your independence and then complain about the choices that we within the party make. You know that that is what I and others are working to change. We do that from within. I would suggest that you join the party to be a part of that change, instead of having no voice in it. As for open primaries, well all you end up with there is people trying to elect the worste candidate from their opposing party. So you end up with the weakest candidates from both parties.
    There are good people within the GOP that are attempting to make real changes. Monday night was a step along that road. It will take some hurt feelings to accomplish but it will happen. Join us, you are exactly what the party needs. Someone who knows their own mind instead of following the orders of people who are so far removed from the feelings of the people that they don’t realize that they are no longer wanted as party leadership. Plus I can win a dollar from your husband if you join :).

  6. Judy Says:

    A DOLLAR????? IS THAT ALL MY CONVERSION IS WORTH TO YOU??!!!! I can tell you right here and now…THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!! I am friends with a few local and federal politicians and I didn’t even join either party then so I could vote for my “friend” in a primary. I feel very strongly about my convictions and my priniciples. For me to convert to another party would be lying to myself and my beliefs. And for what? And my husband says trying to change the way things are is a waste of time. He says those with the most money wins. And said to say, I think he is right. 😦

  7. frankknotts Says:

    Judy, first off, the dollar bet was your husband’s idea, don’t blame me if he is cheap 🙂 .The effort that you put into the O’Donnell campaign and your honesty within the GOP would be priceless. As for your convictions and principles, again that is exactly why more people like yourself are needed within the party, not just outside throwing stones. When we join a party we don’t give up our principles we use them to better the party. By joining the GOP you wouldn’t lose anything, you can still vote for other candidates if you feel that they better represent your values and principles. I have done this many times. But as a member of the GOP you get to help steer the bus, not just sit in the back shouting “WRONG TURN!!!”.
    I too have had the conversation with your husband about how he feels nothing will ever change. And what I tell him is that nothing ever changes unless someone changes it. I know like myself you were dissapointed with the results of several of the races that you put your heart and soul into. I feel that this is not a reason to give up but a reason to double down, dig in my heals and work harder. I have a daughter that I plan on leaving a better world than I found, I know you have a grandchild that you feel the same way. We can’t afford to sit around waiting for someone else to make the changes that we demand, that’s what the liberals do, we are better than that.

  8. Bill Says:

    Frank,et al, (and others), I have to agree that if one is a registered independent, or unaffiliated as Judy says,one should have the right to vote in primaries. Most of whom I vote is “usually” republican but I have endorsed and vote for independent candidates as well.
    The bickering and nonsense that Tom Ross caused was uncalled for. Here’s a guy that chairs the republican party of Delaware and makes foolish statements like this?
    Frank,I like your idea of a “no confidence” vote as that speaks volumes as opposed to a censure. I have no confidence or respect while Ross makes underhanded comments about Christine O’Donnell.
    I hear people say the system will never change but if no one tries to change it,it will remain the same. Yes,Frank,we got our clocks cleaned here last week but in no shape,manner,r form to I plan as an “enlightened” individual do I plan to give up.
    Case in point,I’m a “refugee” seeking “asylum” from the Massachusetts Democratic Republic as that “state” reeks of cronieism,nepotism,and corruption. I have friends and relatives that still live there and there is small part that are conservatives. When I was there,I did whatever I could to de-throne the one party tax,tax,and more tax. Did we succeed?
    Sometimes but with the democrats occupying both house and senate made a republican governor basically a lame duck with vetoes overridden at all turns.
    Yes,Frank,as you said,it used to give me more resolve to dig and keep plugging. Frustrating? Sure it was! But I’m not one to give up. If no one gets involved, nothing will change. I want to what I can to change this government and get this country back on track!

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