A Little Time Off

 I had planned to write an article about moving forward. I would have outlined my view of how best to do this.

  Instead I think I will take a little time off. Much in the way I did around the primary. If I write something now, I am afraid it would reflect my disapointment. I am tired and I am saddened. To write now how best to move forward in a positive way might not be possible.

 Also it would only allow those who wish to gloat to do so. On the subject of the O’Donnell campaign, I will say only. It was run by a very bright young man named Matt Moran. Remember the name. He will do good things, he has already. I was able to meet and work with good people. And I am proud to have given all that I could to help a candidate such as Christine.

 So let the liberals think what they will about my taking this time to decompress. Let them have their jokes and let them demonstrate exactly why we must defeat them.

 I promise to be back soon, rested and ready to take the fight once more to them. We must never waver, we must never allow set backs to discourage us. We must always keep our eyes on the future. We may concede the race, but we will never concede the cause.

  See you in about a week. God Bless


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  1. Bill Says:

    Hey,Frank! I think we all need a little time off after the election. I guess we got our “bells” rung here in Delaware but in humble opinion,the hard work is just getting started.

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