It’s all Over But The Voting!

   Well, the signs have all been placed. Some two or three times, but that is another story. The mailers have been mailed. The speeches have been given. And while the phone calls will continue through tomorrow, for the most part the leg work has been done.

  This being said, there is still a lot of work for volunteers to do tomorrow. We will be standing the polls and greeting voters. We will be attempting to round-up those last elusive undecided voters as they walk in to vote.

  But the bulk of the work has been done and it all comes down to the will of the voters. There has been much back and forth between all of us who think we have the inside information. Some of us like myself talk about ideology and the faith that the force of our argument will win over people. Others focus on the raw data of numbers. They will tell you that if this many voters come out and a certain percentage go this way or that, that we may see the desired result. And all of this may be true. Personally I think it will come down to the intangibles.

  This election cycle is about the direction of the nation in the coming years. The question that will be answered tomorrow is whether the nation will continue on the radical leftist path of the Obama administration or will we take back the country. Take it back to its Founding principles and values of individual Liberty.

  When we walk into those voting booths around the nation, we the citizens will voice our will. We have the chance to reshape the nation and our home states into that which we wish them to be. What will that shape resemble? Will it resemble the nation of our fathers? Will it resemble tha nation that defeated fascism? Will it resemble the nation that landed a man on the moon? The nation that defeated the Soviet Union? The nation that harnessed the atom?

 Or will it be a nation that resembles the Soviet Union? Will it resemble a failing third world nation? Will it be little more than a shell of its former self? Will we allow the current administration to drive the nation to ruin?

  When we vote tomorrow these are the thoughts that we should take with us into the booths. What do we want to leave our descendants. Do we want to leave them a nation that has the opportunity to once again be the light of Liberty to the world, or do we want only to be the latest welfare nation to the world?

  We are at a turning point in our history. We have for too long been on this path of liberalism. We have sold our political souls for the promise of  an all giving nanny state. We have come to believe that if we give up just a few of our Liberties, that we can exchange them for some fleeting moment of security. But what we have really done,  is to whittle away our freedom and that of our children and their children. And for what? A government hand out? The unfulfilled promise of social security? A growing welfare culture? A nationalized health care system that will destroy itself ? The loss of our national sovereignty as we open our borders to a flood of foreign invaders?

  This is our last best chance to begin to turn the ship of Liberty around. It won’t happen all at once. It will take a determined effort. It will require that those who vote tomorrow,  vote again and again and again, until we have set a new course. Not a course that takes us backwards, but a course that takes us forward to a future of individual Liberty and economic freedom. A course that allows every American citizen to determine their own course. Free to achieve and to fail based on their own efforts. Without government interference.

 I am holding out hope for and I am holding onto my faith in the American people. That tomorrow as they enter voting booths from California to Delaware, that they will vote their conscience. That they will vote in a non-selfish manner. That they will put the good of the nation before their own personal needs. If the voters do this I believe that we can make a real difference tomorrow. If we vote for the candidates that believe in the greatness of the individual rather than the power of government, we can free the people, to grow this nation and its economy and once again be the leader of the world. Rather than a beggar wandering the streets with an empty rice bowl.

  May God Bless every citizen and may God Bless the United States of America.


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