What We Should Expect From A “Senator” O’Donnell

   If on Tuesday, November 2nd, Christine O’Donnell is elected as the next U.S. senator from the state of Delaware, what should we expect ?

  Well as someone who has been a supporter of Ms. O’Donnell’s since her write in campaign in 2006, I think I know exactly what to expect from her as my senator. I know this because, having talked with her then and during her run in 2008 and in this most recent campaign. I know that she hasn’t changed her positions on the big issues.

  In my opinion we can expect “Senator” O’Donnell to go to Washington and deliver on her promises of fighting to protect our individual Liberties.

  Christine O’Donnell will be a no vote on cap-and-trade. This legislation would increase the energy cost for Delaware citizens at least $1,200.00. This does not include the increase in the cost of every product produced or transported in this nation. Cap and trade would affect the poorest among us the most. Christine O’Donnell has stated that she will vote against it.

  Christine O’Donnell will be a vote to de-fund and repeal Obama care. This wrong-headed idea of so-called health care reform, is nothing more than a way for the federal government to take over every aspect of our lives. Obama care will allow the federal government to monitor everything from what you eat, to what you do for recreation. It will allow the IRS to have actual access to your bank accounts. Not just to monitor how much you have, but to do withdrawals. It will nationalize 1/6th of our national economy. Christine O’Donnell has pledged to vote to de-fund and repeal Obama care. And to work to make real reforms in health care insurance and to reform tort law.

 We should expect Christine O’Donnell as our U.S. Senator to work to cut wasteful spending on entitlement programs. She will work to secure our borders and to solve the illegal immigration issues.  She will vote against card check, which would eliminate the secret ballot for union elections and when unionizing shops.

  I believe that we can expect her to work to repeal the death tax permanently.The death tax that penalizes our small farmers the most. That she will vote to extend the Bush tax cuts. To reduce the capital gains tax. That she will work to cut taxes and spending wherever it is possible. And in so doing, she will be working also to create jobs, because if we cut taxes on the middle class and the small businesses, then the economy will grow and jobs will be created.

  When Christine O’Donnell is elected as the next senator from the state of Delaware, I think we can expect, that we should expect, that she will work for the people of Delaware. That she will govern by the will of the people. That she will govern based on our Founding principles. That she will take seriously her oath of office to uphold and to protect the Constitution of the United States of America.

  This is why I am voting for Christine O’Donnell on November 2nd, and it is why I am encouraging everyone to vote for her also. Not because I say so, not for her, not for yourselves, but for the future of this nation. For the children of today and tomorrow. So that my child and your children can work to provide a better life for their children. So that at some point in the future people will look back at this moment in history and say, ” the citizens of  Delaware stood up to the elitist and power brokers and special interest groups and said, enough”. 

  So while I encourage you to vote for Christine O’Donnell and the many other candidates who hold the same views, let me encourage you to vote no matter what your ideology may be. Because it is through our political process that we show our strength to endure. God Bless the United States of America.


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  1. Bill Says:

    Hi,Frank! I heard you on WGMD this morning and if I might digress for a moment? I completely agree with you on only certain campaign signs come up missing.
    I had 2 Christine O’Donnell signs “taken” by some “courageous” individuals under cover of darkness and shows what cowards these people are. There are several signs that weren’t even touched and have been there since the primary.
    After the signs were taken I got 2 more and placed them in the exact spot only to have them taken again while the other signs remained untouched.
    Now I don’t know who the perpetrators are and one can assume that maybe it’s the doing of the Chris Coons campaign. I won’t accuse anyone or Mr Coons because I have no evidence to back this up.
    The fact that one of Mr Coon’s signs was cut in two up there in Wilmington is by no means what I would approve of. I would not condone that behavior nor would Christine O’Donnell.
    As far as who the “owners” of these signs are, I think they belong to the campaign since they are the one who pay for these things.
    As always,Frank,I appreciate you candor and blunt response to many items.
    By the way,remember when I spoke about Wonder Woman being changed? Wellll,guess what? Superman is being changed to look more “contemporary” by wearing a hoodie (no problem),hair is NOT neatly combed, and his pants “Lookin’ like fool with your pants n the Ground!”
    His new personality will be more moody. In other words “why do I have to save the world?”
    Are they turning Superman into a girlie man? Whatever happened to truth,justice,and the American way? Will Superman have to have therapy now while all the action chicks are kicking down doors,firing guns while the male is behind her with his thumb up his rear end?
    What does this say to young boys and teenagers? What is so wrong with protecting women and showing it????
    God help us!!!!!

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