You Rang ?


                                                        ” You Rang?”


                    ” Chris, did I ever tell you that I served in Vietnam?”

       WOW! Chris Coons keeps showing up with the “best” of the left, doesn’t he?

       Let’s see. So far he has a president that has run the nation into near double-digit unemployment and historical debt and deficit. He has a vice president with chronic foot in mouth disorder. And now a senator who is best known for coming back from Vietnam and telling the world that his fellow servicemen were baby killers. Who most recently accused our troops in Iraq of kicking in doors in the middle of the night and harassing women and children, for no reason. Oh yeah, he also ran for president and lost. Great endorsements Mr. Coons. You just keep on telling the people of Delaware exactly the kind of senator you would be, by the people who endorse you.


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