Is Our Political Process Sexist ?

  In light of the most recent attack on the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from the state of Delaware, Christine O’Donnell. And also the treatment that she and other women who dare to enter the political arena are forced to endure, much of which no man is put through.

  I had intended to write my own post, giving my opinion of the sexist state that our political process seems to be in. But it would have been from a man’s point of view, and possibly would have seemed condescending or even sexist.

  So instead I am going to link to this article by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. She is the senior U.S. Senator from the state of Texas. In 2001 she was named one of the thirty most powerful women in America by The Ladies Home Journal.  She has been in politics since 1972 when she was a Texas state Representative. She has also been a bank executive.

  While I may not agree with Sen. Hutchinson on some issues, it is clear that she has a right to speak out about the treatment of female candidates. So here is a link to her editorial titled: ” Stop Insulting Female Candidates And Start Playing Fair”.


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