Nuts Or Sluts

  First let me make it clear that the title phrase is not mine originally. I first heard it on the Rush Limbaugh Show. He used it to describe the way that women who run for office in general and conservative candidates in particular are treated.

  It seems that if a conservative woman decides to run for office, what she really runs, is the risk of being labeled either  crazy or being slutty. Well now with the latest attack on Christine O’Donnell it would seem that her opponent and his legion have decided to do both.

  The latest accusation involves a story on a website that is known for its sleazy reporting. I won’t give them a link because I won’t be a part of promoting their style of entertainment.

 The story stems from a person who supposedly spent a night with Ms. O’Donnell three years ago. This person who is not identified makes the accusation that Ms. O’Donnell went to a bar, got drunk, went back to his apartment, and passed out in his bed. Oh! And nothing happened.

  To me the real story in this is that a person unwilling to be revealed is given any credibility at all. But more than that, what troubles me is that this is what our political process has been reduced to. No longer do we have discussions of the issues, instead we have tabloid news. Instead of discussing the facts, we are reduced to talking about at best, something that may or may not have actually happened .

 When the story about the allegation of Mike Castle came out I was offended by it. I made it clear I did not condone it and would not discuss it. This is exactly the same type of low gutter politics. Anyone who sees this as a deciding factor in an election as important as this one, is not paying attention. Anyone who does not see this for exactly what it is, is allowing the opponents of Ms. O’Donnell to have their way.

 This is clearly a set up by the Coons campaign. We are to believe that something that happened three years ago is just by chance coming out five days before the election. One must wonder since there is no actual person attached to this story, does he really exist? And if he does and if this happened the way he says it did, why has he waited so long to come out? Could it be that he is being paid by the Coons campaign? I am more inclined to think that he doesn’t even exist.

  But what if he does? His story is that she drank beer. She was of legal age. He says she came on to him. He was not a minor and both were single. He says the situation got to a point where she told him nothing would be happening sexually. So a grown single woman went to a bar with a grown single man and had some drinks and then didn’t have sex. Now there is a story.

 Let me make this clear. I know the type of responses that this sort of garbage is likely to generate. I will remove any comment that is rude or crude. I ask all who want to comment to keep it clean, and to consider if these sort of accusations were being made about your sister, how would you feel.


4 Responses to “Nuts Or Sluts”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,I promise to keep it clean because I won’t lower myself or disrespect your blog by doing what these gutter rats are trying to do to Christine.
    I’ve posted here several times and enjoy the subjects and appreciate the chance to express an opinion.
    One has to wonder why this garbage is coming out about Ms O’Donnell. I mean,what happened to addressing the ISSUES instead of these foolish and unfounded allegations. If there isn’t someone to back it up and if there were,what difference does that make? NO ONE is perfect!
    Case in point: look at at all the philandering the Kennedy’s did and look what Sen Ted Kennedy did when he let Mary Jo Kopechne die in his car. THAT was okay because HE was a Kennedy!
    My point on this is when I lived in The People’s Republic of Massachusetts I was NO fan of the Kennedy’s EVER! But when it came for re-election the other side always tried to smear Kennedy and it never worked. The guy was constantly re-elected but I didn’t agree with the personal attacks. As long as I was able to vote, and we did have a “vote there, I always voted for the republican side because I disagreed with Kennedy and the rest of the socialists that ran and won.
    We can say it happens on both sides of the fence but this is really low.
    Doesn’t that keep good people from running for office?
    If you have to try and put someone down to make yourself look good then what kind of a person are you????
    I will vote for Christine and hen she gets elected,the offending party should apologize to her for this baseless allegation.
    I will do everything in my power to get this fine lady elected.
    God bless Christine O’Donnell!!!!!

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, I agree that in the bigger scheme of things this type of mud slinging actually drives more people to the offended candidate. The real loser here is our democratic process. Because as you said, in the future many good people may choose not to run to save their families from being put through this because of some college indiscretion.

  3. Judy Says:

    Frank, I sometimes wonder what will happen in the future for this next generation. There will be many, many intelligent, capable adults who SHOULD run for office, but because of actions and decisions they made as a young adult or teenager, they may decide not to because of them. Facebook, MySpace are just examples of what could come back and bite them in the derrier. It is ashame that the liberal media and politicians have resorted to this type of behavior. Their actions (the politicians and liberal media) are an insult to our intelligence as voting Americans. I hope that the American people see this for what it is and vote to clean house this Tuesday!! And maybe this should be a wake up call for the youngsters out there that plan on running for office one day if it already isn’t too late for them. Remember not to have any fun or make any bad judgement calls that may haunt you later in life. Gee, what fun is that?!!

  4. frankknotts Says:

    Judy you are so right. I know that even though I am honest about my mistakes in my youth, that many of the things I have done would most likely exclude me from consideration for office. How many good people today may have made some of these same mistakes. Mistakes that have lead them to be better people. But instead of holding them up as examples of how to correct your life, the sytem instead use them as ways to destroy. It is sad. But it is by people becoming involved that we make a difference. We may not be the light, but we can be the switch.

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