What Can We Expect From “Senator” Chris Coons ?

   I have to wonder how many people have taken the time to stop and consider just what we could expect if Chris Coons were to be elected as the next senator from Delaware.

   First let’s look at were Mr. Coons has been, so as to see where he might be headed.

  As a member of and also as the County Executive of New Castle County Council, Chris Coons has been a tax and spend, big government party wonk.

  He promised voters that he wouldn’t raise taxes and then did, by 48%. He supported tax increases on utilities, hotel stays, ambulance services and even 911 calls.

  He increased wasteful spending by over 30%. And pissed away a $200 million surplus, putting New Castle County at risk of losing its AAA Bond rating and possibly bankruptcy.

   So ! Now we know a little about the type of politician that Chris Coons is. Knowing this, we can make a fair guess at what type of U.S. Senator that he would be.

  I believe that we can expect Chris Coons to toe the line for the Obama administration on some very radical agenda items. This is even more worrisome because this is a special election. That means that the winner will be seated immediately after the election. We know that Sen. Harry Reid and Speaker Pelosi are planning a lame duck session after the election.

  I am sure that Sen. Reid, who described Chris Coons as his pet, would love to have Chris Coons in that lame duck session, instead of the Republican Christine O’Donnell.

  What are some of the important issues that we can expect the Reid,Pelosi, Obama axis of  leftism to try to push through congress ?

  You can bet that cap-and-trade will be moved on. This would result in the highest tax increase on every citizen in the history of the nation. Chris Coons supports cap-and-trade.

   The Bush tax cuts are set to expire unless congress does something to stop it. If these tax cuts expire they too will result in increased taxes. Again placing a burden on citizens during these tough economic times. Chris Coons is in favor of allowing the Bush Tax cuts to expire. And in so doing, he supports raising your taxes. Oh, he’ll tell you that he ahs changed his mind. And you can bet he’ll change it again if elected.

 Amnesty for illegals is also likely to come up in the lame duck session. Chris Coons has spoken of his support for a “path to citizenship”, this is code speak for amnesty.

  Chris Coons would support “card check”. This would eliminate the secret ballot when unionizing shops. This is a sop to the organized labor unions like the SEIU and LUNA who have dumped thousands of dollars into the Coons campaign fund.

  Chris Coons would oppose the de-funding and repeal of Obama care. Doctors from around the state of Delaware have come out in support of Christine O’Donnell. Why? Because she has stated clearly that she would vote to de-fund and repeal Obama care. If Obama care is allowed to be implemented, it will not only raise the cost of health care, but it will lower the quality of our health care. Chris Coons has said on more than one occasion that he supports Obama care.

  Let us not forget that one of the most important roles a senator plays within the Senate is the confirmation of Supreme Court Justices. So what type of Justice would appeal to “SENATOR” Chris Coons?

  Well Chris Coons believes that separation of church and state exist within the First Amendment. He believes that a mere conversation about creationism, constitutes a state-run religion. Chris Coons also believes that the Constitution is just a suggestion about how to govern the nation. Chris Coons sees the Constitution as nothing more than a political tool to be molded and twisted to suit the political needs of those who would use it to hold their political power. One can only assume that Chris Coons sees the Constitution as a document of negative rights, the same as does Pres. Obama.

  So we can assume that if this is who Chris Coons is, when it comes to constitutional issues, then this is the type of Justices he would seek to confirm.

  At a time when states are challenging the federal government on issues of sovereignty over illegal immigration and Obama care, can we risk allowing a man such as Chris Coons to be any part of confirming Supreme Court Justices?

 So now I come back to the original question. What can we expect from a “SENATOR” Chris Coons? We can expect just another tax and spend, big government Democrat. We can expect a senator that will cower before the Executive branch of the federal government. We can expect a senator that will be a pet to Harry Reid. We can expect a senator that has no respect for the Founding principles of this nation. And a senator that would gladly shred the Founding documents if it meant holding onto power.

 Our nation is a t a cross-road. We must decide whether we will steer a path of freedom and individual Liberty. Or will we allow the Chris Coons of the world to destroy what has stood for so long? Will we vote for a future where our children and their children can grow up knowing that they will have the same opportunities that we had? Or will we allow the Chris Coons of the world to rob them of that which they were endowed by their Creator,life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  This is what is at stake on November 2nd and no less. We the Delaware voters must make these choices. Will we vote for Chris Coons and all he stands for. Or will we elect Christine O’Donnell who believes in and who will fight to protect our God-given rights. A person who holds dear our Founding principles. For me the choice is an easy one. I will vote for Liberty, I will vote for Christine O’Donnell.


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