Two Weeks And A Wake-Up

   Well we are just two weeks and one good night’s sleep from one of the most important elections in the long history of our nation. This election cycle may determine the direction of the state and the nation for a very long time.

   Here in Delaware we have quite a bit to decide. Of course there are the big name races at the top of the ticket, which I will touch on later. But there is quite a bit riding on some of the more local races as well.

   Let’s start with county races. Why are offices like recorder of deeds and register of wills so important? Well as of late there has been a move on the state level to take over these local offices. The state would love to take control of the revenue that these offices generate. Not to mention also mandating the way they would be run. These local offices must stay in the control of local people if we are to maintain local control. One candidate that has stated that this is exactly why she is running is Republican Cindy Green who is the GOP candidate for the office of register of wills.

  Now on the state level we have many races for both the house and the senate. These race are evermore important this year due to the fact that next year the state will face redistricting. The majority party will control this process. If we as Republicans have any hope of a future in the state of Delaware, then we had better exercise our right to vote on November 2nd. If the Democrats are the majority party in 2011 and are in control of the redistricting of the state, you can bet we will lose many of our best Republican leaders.

  Now of course any talk of state races without mentioning the 14th Representative District would be negligent. This is the race in which Republican Chris Weeks is challenging incumbent Democrat Pete Schwartzkopf. Mr Schwartzkopf is also the House Majority Leader. In this role Mr. Schwartzkopf has played the role of spoiler for the Republican party. He rules the House with an iron fist. This means that if a bill is not a Democrat bill, that it stands no chance of even being brought to the floor for a vote. The house is where bills that generate revenue and raise fees and taxes must originate. We can no longer afford in the current economic climate to have the House ruled by a tax and spend rubber stamp for Gov. Markell. That is why Chris Weeks’ challenge against long time incumbent Pete Schwartzkopf is so important.

  Of course there are many races within the state that are not getting the attention that some of the higher office races are getting, this does not mean that they are any less important. We as Republicans must work to elect new leadership, so that we can work to move the state and the nation forward. The Democrats in many cases have been in charge of the current economic crisis. We must send the message that we will no longer tolerate their total lack of response to the will of the people.

  Now the two races that have drawn the most attention here in Delaware would have to be the two U.S. congressional seats. These races were destined to be controversial from the beginning.

  The two races for the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate both have been a dog fights from the beginning, but not just between the Democrats and the GOP. No, the real fight has largely been between forces within the GOP itself. In both race we have seen the GOP endorsed candidates defeated in the primary races. This has sent shock waves not only through the Delaware state GOP establishment, but at the national level as well.

  In the U.S. House race we have Glen Urquhart for the GOP running against former Lt.Governor John Carney for the Democrats. The real question in this race is whether the people of Delaware will put aside Mr. Carney’s past as Lt. Governor under Democrat Governor Ruth Ann Minner. Mr. Carney was a silent partner in that administration. He stood by while the Minner administration wasted millions on road projects that never were completed, such as the Indian River Inlet Bridge Project. Twenty+ million dollars to pile sand up that was then removed. And never a word from Mr. Carney about who was responsible for this giant waste of tax payer money.

  So can the people of Delaware expect the same kind of silent running from Mr. Carney if he were to be elected to Washington? Will he be happy to just fill the seat and to go along quietly with the out of control spending in Washington? The U.S. House of Representatives again is where our taxes get raised. We must send someone to this seat that understands that we can’t spend our way out of debt. That we can’t balance our budget by raising taxes. We need someone who understands that it is the American people who will lead us out of the economic crisis, not the government. Government must get out of our way.

  The race that has drawn the most attention both within the state of Delaware and on a national level would have to be the race for the U.S. Senate seat from Delaware. This race is between the GOP people’s choice candidate Christine O’Donnell who defeated long time politician Mike Castle in the GOP primary. She is running against the Democrat Chris Coons, current New Castle County Executive and former county councilman.

  The leftist media has played a large role in creating a circus like atmosphere around this race. They have chosen to cover this race by focusing on the past of Ms. O’Donnell, while giving Mr. Coons a free pass.  Few have asked the tough questions about the fact that Mr. Coons has overseen the raising of taxes in NCC by 48% in three years. That NCC is facing revenue short falls of 79.6 million dollars in five years. The media has ignored that Mr. Coons will be nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Obama administration. That if elected Mr. Coons will go to Washington and will again be a part of raising your taxes by voting in favor of cap-and-trade, by funding Obama care. He will vote yes on more and more wasted stimulus money.

  This race for the U.S. Senate seat may be our most important race here in Delaware, due to the fact that it is a special election. This means that the winner will be seated immediately following the election. So when Ms. O’Donnell wins and is sworn in, she will be another, maybe the deciding vote against such things as cap-and-trade, Obama care and more stimulus funding. We know that the Reid, Pelosi team will try to ram through radical leftist agenda items in a lame duck session. We also know that the Bush tax cuts are set to expire. We must send Christine O’Donnell into that lame duck session as a voice of reason against the radical leftist. The last thing we can afford to do is to send “ANOTHER” radical leftist there, and that is exactly what Chris Coons would be, just another radical leftist to go along with Pres. Obama’s path to destruction.

  So to my fellow voters in Delaware, be you Republican, Democrat, or independent. This election is a time for us to decide. Will we continue on this wrong-headed path of tax and spend. A path that has seen more and more of our individual Liberties eroded. A path that if followed for much longer, may be a path that we can never turn back from. Or will we as citizens say to our government, enough! Will we vote for leadership that is responsive to the will of the people. Leadership that recognizes that it is the citizens that should set the agenda and the direction of the nation, not those elected to enact the will of the people.

 If you want your voices heard then you must come out and vote on November 2nd and encourage your friends and neighbors to vote. It is through our right to vote that we can maintain our other rights. Do not waste your chance to be a part of turning this ship around, it’s not too late.


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