O’Donnell / Coons Debate

  Well I am sure that the partisan hooks will be out this morning. After watching the debate I believe that people will come away from it believing pretty much what they believed before the debate.

   Those who already hated Republican Christine O’Donnell, will still hate her, and those who believe that Democrat Chris Coons, is a party hack and lap dog for the Obama administration, will know that he is a party hack and lap dog for the Obama administration.

  It was clear that Mr. Coons is the more experienced “POLITICIAN”, but it didn’t hurt that he had his aides, Wolfe and Nancy, there to help guide him through the evening. It was clear that there was a bias in the questioning and the way that the time was moderated. Several times Ms. O’Donnell was not allowed to respond to Mr. Coons’ accusations.

  While Christine O’Donnell was asked time and time again to be “SPECIFIC” by Wolfe, Chris Coons was allowed to ramble through generalities and never answer the question asked. Cases in point, he did not answer the question of whether he thought the teacher’s unions were too powerful. He also did not answer when asked directly by Wolfe, whether he had raised taxes in New Castle County, even though Wolfe gave the numbers. But this was allowed to pass.

 However  both of the moderators continued to demand specific answers from Ms. O’Donnell. This bias in the way the moderation was handled may have led to Mr. Coons looking more comfortable and better prepared, while it left Ms. O’Donnell looking as if she were searching for answers. But when you are allowed to recite your stump speech and not be required to be specific it is easy to look prepared. It would have been better serving for the voters of Delaware if the debate had been handled in a more unbiased fashion. But I guess we got just what we could expect.

  That being said, Ms. O’Donnell was still able to clearly define her ideological differences with Mr. Coons. The message still comes through. That if you are in favor of bigger government and higher taxes, if you think that the Obama administration has helped the nation with its bailouts, takeovers and out of control spending. If you think that some government agency can make better decisions than you can about your health care needs, if you think that 9+% unemployment is the new normal, then you should vote for Chris Coons. But if you are tired of the intrusive government taking over more and more of your personal liberty, if you want to keep more of your hard-earned money in your own pocket, and if you want to send a clear message to the power brokers in Washington, than your only vote should be cast for citizen candidate Christine O’Donnell.

 I don’t see the debate as having been a knockout for either candidate, I do see it as having been an opportunity for both candidate to be defined as to where they stand ideologically.




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