CNN Is A Giant Piece Of Crap !!

  After promoting tonight’s debate between Christine O’Donnell and Chris Coons for the U.S. Senate seat of Delaware for over a week, CNN then cuts away in the middle of the debate to cover the mine rescue in Chile.

 While that may be  interesting, CNN completely disrespected the citizens of Delaware.

 I am one of the unfortunate people who receives my cable channels from a satellite dish. I am unable to receive WMTD. So my attempt to watch the debate was relegated to which was overloaded and slow .

  I will now be forced to sit up until 11:00 and watch what I am sure will be an edited version with commercials.

 Thank you CNN.


2 Responses to “CNN Is A Giant Piece Of Crap !!”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,I though it was a good debate. Christine started off a little nervous and rightly so. I do think she got stronger as the debate went on. My opinion? I think she ended right on top!
    Chris Coons was a smooth,fast talking politician and if you want a definition of what we DON’T want then Chris Coons is it.
    I thought Wolf Blitzer and Nancy Karibjainian were rude to Christine,cutting her off several times while coddling Mr Coons. I guess we should expect that from an outfit like CNN…
    I hate satellite tv as you aren’t able to get the local channels as you can on cable.
    Watch the debate and let us think what you thought of it…..

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, I did see it and agree with you. My opinion is that Christine O’Donnell did very well, and don’t forget she was debating three people, while Mr. Coons was debating only one and with the help of his two lap dogs. Think of Coons as a running back in football, and Wolfe and Nancy as linemen running blocks for him.

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