Who Is Cindy Green ?

  Have you heard the name Cindy Green? Well if you don’t live in Sussex County, maybe not. Cindy Green is the GOP candidate to be the Sussex County Register of Wills.

  I have had the pleasure of talking to Cindy on several occasions. And it is always a pleasure to talk with Cindy Green. She seems to have a smile for everyone and a humbleness about her that is refreshing in any politician.

  Last night I had a minute or two to sit with her and to talk about her campaign. First let me tell you just a little about her. She is a life long resident of Sussex County. She graduated from Woodbridge High School, Class of “78”. She is self-employed as an elderly home care provider. She says that a large number of  the people she attends to are in an end of life situation. Cindy says that she has worked with many people who have gone through the pain of losing a loved one and understands the need to make the process as easy as possible, where the final wishes of the departed are concerned. This is her motivation for running for Register of Wills.

  Cindy Green feels that due to her work with the elderly, she has a unique insight into what can be done to streamline the office and to make it more efficient and in doing so, make it less costly to the tax payers, while providing good service to the citizens of Sussex County. Some who may be going through the toughest time of their lives.

  When I asked Cindy what her motivation was for running for office, she said that she wants to be a part of keeping Sussex County a place where people can raise their families in a safe and friendly environment. She feels that it is important to retain local control of as much of government as possible, and in so doing allowing the citizens of the county to have representation that is responsive to their will.

 Let me say that in my opinion, Cindy Green is exactly the type of citizen candidate that we should support and elect. She is a life time resident of the community that she wants to work for. She has seen the issues facing those at the end of their lives and now wants to work to make that experience as simple as possible. I have to say that if we could have about fifty or sixty Cindy Greens sprinkled throughout the state government, well I think we would be well served. So I recommend that everyone in Sussex County come out and vote for Cindy Green on November 2nd to be our next Register of Wills. Oh! And by the way, I hear she makes one mean apple dumpling!


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