Colin Bonini Disappointed

 As I was leaving the Apple Scrapple Festival in Bridgeville last night, carrying a Colin Bonini sign, I happened to bump into Colin Bonini.

  He thanked me for having the sign. We exchanged pleasantries, and then I asked him if I could ask  a tough question. As always Mr. Bonini was open and honest.

 Let me make it clear that Mr. Bonini was aware that he was on the record, and that I told him I would be posting this on my blog.

 I asked him about the issue with state Senator Joe Booth accepting the job at Sussex Tech, and the fact that Sen. Bonini had endorsed him.

 Sen. Bonini said that he was “disappointed in Joe”. He of course followed this up with his feelings that Sen. Booth was a good man and that he was a good senator. He told me that he and Sen. Booth were fellow “back rowers” in the state senate and that they had worked together well.

  As an advocate for open and transparent government, Sen. Bonini agreed that it would have been beneficial for voters to have been given the chance to weigh the fact of the job when deciding the primary election. Sen. Bonini also agreed that if we are ever to have transparent government it must include the campaign process.

 I can now proudly place the Colin Bonini sign in my yard. I feel that Sen. Bonini answered my questions honestly and in my opinion with integrity. Thank you Sen. Bonini. I also hope to have the chance to ask Gerald Hocker the same question, or possibly he will speak out in another forum.


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