Christine O’Donnell At Apple Scrapple Festival

  Christine O’Donnell made the trip to Bridgeville, De. yesterday to enjoy one of  Sussex County’s favorite town festivals, Apple Scrapple. The festival always draws a large crowd and with yesterday’s perfect weather, it was a huge crowd.

  Ms. O’Donnell showed up at about 1:30 and walked in from Main Street. She chose to walk down Delaware Ave. where the annual car show is set up. She took her time admiring the cars and speaking with the people. She seemed to be especially fond of the “57” Belairs. Of course she immediately drew a crowd of supporters and those who were just curious. I would say it took her about an hour to walk a distance of about four blocks. She was continually stopped and stopping to speak with the people. She made a special effort to go up to the homes on the street with her campaign signs, of which there were several, to thank them for their support.

   As she made her way to the booth on Cannon Street she drew such a crowd that the street was blocked. Festival staff nicely asked if Ms. O’Donnell could keep moving. And she did as best she could without ignoring even one person who wanted to shake her hand or get a photo with her. After she finally made it to the booth on Cannon St. and had thanked the volunteers, again it was noticed that the street was being completely blocked by the crowd gathering. The campaign staff decided to take the show on the road and Ms. O’ Donnell then spent the next five hours walking around the festival meeting people and enjoying the great Sussex atmosphere.


  At one point a gentleman wearing an O’Donnell sticker came up to the candidate and excitedly asked her to come to his home. Ms. O’Donnell then followed the man around to his back porch where there were about another ten people . They all had O’Donnell stickers and were excited to meet the candidate. She spent about ten to fifteen minutes talking with them about the festival, but also about their concerns with the economy, and they seemed especially concerned about repealing Obama care.

   I can only tell you that what I witnessed yesterday was most definitely a positive reception for candidate O’Donnell. This is a candidate that has a special bond with ordinary citizens. This is a candidate that relates to the needs and concerns of those whom she is asking for their support.

  The campaign volunteers handed out  two hundred signs and thousands of stickers and literature. Some, like myself were there from seven in the morning until seven in the evening. The candidate herself was there from 1:30 until 6:00 and she worked the entire time to take the opportunity to meet every person she could.

  A big thank you to the Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Co. who aided the campaign several times and especially Steve. Also  thanks to the Bridgeville P.D. who showed up and were ready to escort Ms. O’Donnell around, that is until they realized she was on friendly ground. They were thanked and went their way. We can never thank the firemen and police officer enough for all they do.

  I can’t close without pointing out that to my knowledge Chris Coons was unable or unwilling to join us in Bridgeville, for what has become an annual tradition of community and fellowship. Maybe it’s just a little too ordinary for Mr. Coons.

  A great time was had by all and Christine O’Donnell showed the willingness to work hard to get out and meet the people. I would encourage everyone to make the effort to meet this candidate, you won’t be disappointed. And please don’t forget to vote on November 2nd.

4 Responses to “Christine O’Donnell At Apple Scrapple Festival”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,I have to ask you.. I think Christine O’Donnell’s commercials are great! But my wife pointed out one interesting fact and that was she wears black with the white pearls and I think she looks fabulous. She made a suggestion from a marketing standpoint that maybe she should wear brighter colors to perhaps neutralize the “witch” image.
    You and I can see through that nonsense but perhaps some people can’t and maybe the Coons camp may try to capitalize on that.
    Ask your Mrs or Judy and see what they think…..
    Just a thought……

  2. Bill Says:

    Frank,an addendum…I want to see Christine elected in the worst way and any advice,no matter how small,hopefully will get a look at…I’ll do whatever I can to get this good lady get elected. After all,she’s “us!”

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, I’m not that far behind the curtain to know the thought process behind the wardrobe choices. I thought that it may have been a bit of a nod and a wink to the whole joke of being a witch. Christine heard mixed reviews at Apple Scrapple about the ads. I think that in the coming days we are going to get the meat and potatoes ads. Issue driven. One that is out there right now is of a former NCC councilman who is lambasting Coons for raising taxes. I do understand from a marketing point of view your wife’s opinion, but in my 29years of marriage I have learned to not make suggestions to any woman about their wardrobe.LOL

  4. Bill Says:

    Frank..I know it’s “hostile” territory and perhaps it would eliminate the need for a husband or boyfriend to end up on the couch for the evening when it comes to women’s wardrobe!
    My Mrs came up with that idea and I tread very carefully in that area or from a survival standpoint NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!

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