Chris Coons Says New Castle County Is “Just Fine”

  Chris Coons, Democrat senate candidate from the state of Delaware, and current New Castle County Executive was interviewed on the Rachel Maddow show last night. Okay interview might be a little strong. More like, stroked and petted. Much like one would do with a favorite pet.

  The closest it got to being a real interview that even had the appearance of objectivity was when Ms. Maddow asked Mr. Coons about the amount of time he was spending on the campaign trail, and whether he felt the county was suffering by his absence?

  Mr. Coons then went on to say that he had a great staff who worked very hard. That’s wonderful Mr. Coons, but your staff wasn’t elected by the people.

  But then Mr. Coons went one step further and said that the county was “just fine”. Really? Mr. Coons feels that New |Castle County is fine? Maybe Mr. Coons should take a look at his own county budget projections for the next five years. With having already raised taxes around 48%, the county is still looking at a revenue shortfall of somewhere in the neighborhood of 79.6 million dollars by 2015. Is this Mr. Coons’ definition of, “just fine”?

 Of course Ms. Maddow let this go by without asking any follow up question about the real state of county affairs.

  So the county executive who has overseen the ruination of the county budget, has overseen the raising of taxes 48% in three years, will leave the county reeling from an economic crisis that he helped create and will leave the county facing a growing debt of astronomical proportions, this man thinks that the county is “just fine”. 

 Oh and by the way, he wants the citizens of the state of Delaware to elect him as their next U.S. Senator. One has to ask. If Mr. Coons were to be elected senator, would he go to Washington and look around at the trillions of dollars of debt, the 9.5% unemployment, the ever-growing Obama deficit, the failure of Obama care, would  Mr. Coons look around and say that the nation is “just fine”?

  Mr. Coons’ supporters and the media have been fond of saying that the Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell is detached from reality. Well one should ask. If a man who is in charge of the county finances can look at a 79.6 million dollar revenue shortfall and say that the county is, “just fine”, does this man really have a grasp on reality?


2 Responses to “Chris Coons Says New Castle County Is “Just Fine””

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,just fine? What in God’s green earth does that mean? I mean if Mr Coons has raised taxes on NCCo (New Castle County) 48% over the past 3 years that comes to 16% per year! That’s “just fine?”
    I mean the folks in New Castle County should do their homework and figure out who the best candidate is! Look at our friend Judy who will vote for Mr Wangen for representative. She’s an informed voter. I don’t agree with her choice and perhaps a few years down the road, Mr Wangen may have a chance but Judy took the time to research and come to a decision as to what candidate would best represent her.
    Look at what’s going on in Maryland. Good old Gov O’Malley raised the sales tax 1 cent pushing it to 6%. I guess “that’s fine” to Maryland voters that would vote for O’Malley.
    Frank,we all know the liberal media will coddle their people and only throw Nerf Ball questions to their people while Christine O’Donnell is being ripped apart by these left wing lunatics.
    Let the media trash good candidates and I know that when the dust settles, Christine O’Donnell will prevail as our next senator.
    And to quote Mr Coon…”that’s fine!”

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, I couldn’t have said it better. Bill I know Judy personally and the issues she has with Urquhart, they are not without merit. But I will let her come here and expand on them if she chooses to. As for the media, well we get just what we would expect, but we have to keep pointing it out, or they get away with it with the less informed citizens.

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