What Is The SEIU ?

   Anyone who has been paying attention lately may have heard the name SEIU. But do you know what those letters stand for? Well they are first an acronym for ” Service Employees International Union”. But what does the SEIU actually stand for?

 The SEIU is one of the largest and one of the fastest growing labor unions in the U.S. . The SEIU has over 1.8 million members in the U.S. alone, in over one hundred occupations. The SEIU has over one hundred and fifty local branches around the U.S. . The SEIU is also one of the most leftist organized labor unions in the world, and that is saying something.

 The SEIU is focused on organizing labor within three sectors for the most part. First and foremost within the health care sector. Over half of its members are working within the health care industry. Next they are heavily involved in public service labor organization. This is your state and local government employees. Lastly the SEIU works to organize labor in the property service sector, this includes janitors, security officers and food service workers.

 So you can see that the SEIU is involved in every aspect of our society.

  Aside from just organizing labor, the SEIU is also a political machine. The SEIU organizes its members to promote political change in America. Some of the SEIU’s political agenda includes seeking amnesty for illegal immigrants. The SEIU sees this as a way to swell its membership. Since many of the illegals who come to the United States end up working in service sector jobs, it is logical that the SEIU would seek their amnesty, so as to legitimizes seeking their membership in the SEIU. The SEIU has proposed a “NO BORDERS” stand on immigration.

  The SEIU has also supported the idea of “CARD CHECK”. This is the idea that would do away with the secret ballot when voting to unionize a shop. This is clearly seen as a way to intimidate workers into voting in favor of unionizing. The very idea of “CARD CHECK” goes against the very principles of the United States of America. The secret ballot has been a hallmark of our democracy. To eliminate it, even in specific cases would endanger the Liberty we have for so long cherished.

  These tactics should not surprise anyone though. In November of 2009  during a drive to organize health care workers, the SEIU was accused of ballot tampering and using intimidation to persuade workers to vote in favor of the SEIU as their union representative.

  In 2003 the SEIU was found guilty of violating security workers rights, and ordered to pay back dues and fees to over four hundred workers.

  So this gives you an idea of just what the SEIU is. But the SEIU is also one other thing. The SEIU is a contributor to the campaign of Chris Coons. Chris Coons is the Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate from the state of Delaware. He is running against Christine O’Donnell.

 We can only assume that since the SEIU is a political machine, that it would only contribute to campaigns that it felt would be sympathetic to its agenda.

  We already know that Mr. Coons supports Obama care, which the SEIU also supports. So is it so hard to believe that Chris Coons will also support ‘CARD CHECK”?  We know that Pres. Obama supports it and the SEIU supports it, so why wouldn’t Chris Coons?

   Knowing that Chris Coons is basically a rubber stamp for the Obama administration, it is also a good bet that Mr. Coons will also follow the lead of Harry Reid and Pres. Obama and would vote for some form of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

  If Chris Coons is elected he would be little more than a “PET” for Harry Reid, a puppet of Pres. Obama and a servant to his organized labor masters.

 If we look at the long list of union donors to Mr. Coons’ campaign, we see a growing pattern of support.

 It includes the “SEIU” contributing $1o,000. And also the “Laborers’ International Union of North America” with $10,000.

 The list continues with, the “International Brotherhood of Boilermakers”, $1,000.

  “International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers”, $10,000.

  “International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers”, $2,500.

  ” International Association of Machinist & Aerospace Workers”,$5,000.

  ” Sheet Metal Workers International Association”, $10,000.

  ” United Food & Commercial Workers International Union”, $2,500.

  Surely these organizations are expecting something back for their investments. It is not a long reach to think that these groups see Chris Coons as being sympathetic to sending taxpayer money their way, by supporting legislation that will grow not only the size of their unions , but also the size of government.

  If Chris Coons is elected, we, like the unions that support him, can expect him to vote to retain and grow the Obama health care scheme. We can expect him to vote in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants. We can expect him to support the radical leftist agenda of Pres. Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the organized labor unions that have so heavily contributed to his campaign.

  Pres. Obama and his legion in congress will attempt to push through many if not all of these radical leftist agenda items in the lame duck session of congress after the November 2nd election. That is but another reason why it is so important to elect Christine O’Donnell to be the next senator from Delaware and not Chris Coons. This is a special election to fill the seat previously held by Joe Biden. The winner will be seated immediately after the election. This means that Christine O’Donnell would be in the Senate as another vote against the radical and failed agenda of Pres. Obama during that lame duck session. And unlike Chris Coons, she would be nobody’s “PET”.


2 Responses to “What Is The SEIU ?”

  1. dan cucich Says:

    Well, if the GOP continues to ignore Christine O’Donnell
    while her character is being drug through the mud on national TV by late night “entertainers” like the Anti-Christian bigot, Bill Maher,
    what good are they? and why do they deserve my unequivocal support?

    Just one visit to Delaware by Sarah Palin could turn the momentum around for Christine. Where is Governor Palin? where are the party leaders??

    And what kind of message does their silence and dissing of Christine
    send to Delaware voters??

    The dems are treating their marxist candidate much better than the GOP is treating this good Christian woman. And they want my support?
    Are they ashamed of her strong unabashed Christian stance for fear she will offend the liberal media??

    Sad and shameful…

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Dan, as to where is Gov. Palin, well I don’t speak for the campaign, but it could be that they are building the wave to crest right before the election. This is much the same way the primaryb went. Gov. Palin jumped in at the last and gave the big bump. I look for much the same strategy for the general. I will say that Ms. O’Donnell has some very bright people on her team.

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